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Making Your Video Count

April 27th, 2012 by Brian Baumley

Flipping An Assignment On Its Head For A Unique, Engaging And Impactful Production

It’s easy to take production assignments literally. Even when we think we’re being really creative, there is usually lots of opportunity left to take risks and consider a project from a completely different perspective.

Consider filmmaker Casey Neistat’s take on an assignment from Nike. In his own words:

“Nike asked me to make a movie about what it means to #makeitcount. Instead of making their movie I spent the entire budget traveling around the world with my friend Max. We’d keep going until the money ran out. It took 10 days.”

Of course, this was all communicated in a video that quite effectively tells a story about making it count.

There are close to 5 million hits on that link alone. Throw in some YouTube dupe videos, views on other video sites, a front page Reddit story, etc., and it’s probably safe to say that Nike was happy with this result. Neistat could’ve made a really creative, glossy video that delivers big on the ‘make it count’ message. Nike would’ve probably been happy and the video would’ve found an audience.

In this case, the very essence of ‘make it count’ is at the core of the production itself. And it’s inspiring. Consider too that this video was shared enough that it made its way to my PC screen. I didn’t go hunting for Nike info. And I’m not terribly interested in sports. Yet it found me.

So how can you make your next video production count?

  • Think hard about the message your video will communicate and how you can embody it throughout every aspect of the production itself – not just the finished product.
  • If this is a recurring video assignment, take a new approach. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Think hard about how you can turn the production on its head.
  • Don’t necessarily produce what your client/boss/company thinks they want. Take risks to present them with a final project that they couldn’t have envisioned on their own.
  • Depending on your circumstances, get buy-in from your client along the way! Neistat is a well-known videographer and has the clout to turn in a final product like the one above. If you’re going to take risks, it might be much better for your career to make sure that your client is onboard from the start.

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Script Pagination

April 8th, 2011 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 Release From Apr 6 ’11

People write all kinds of scripts: many or few scenes, heavy descriptions and/or dense amounts of dialog or light in both, varying amounts of media integrated into scripts. We have developed pagination to allow for faster load times by not waiting for an entire long script to load all at once, instead just several scenes at a time. But the right “several” isn’t the same for everyone all the time as some people’s scenes typically include just a few dozen words and others may have hundreds with multiple files uploaded to each. And, some people’s preferences can be to look at lots of scenes on-screen simultaneously or to control the perspective to a very specific set. So we’ve come up with a mechanism that defaults to showing five scenes at a time, but with a few intuitive controls enables complete customization of exactly what scenes are seen.

Here’s a demo:

Our most recent video.Market7 release also includes a few cool enhancements to the Annotative Player which we’ll get posted to the blog soon.

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User Generated Content Most Often Wrong For Enterprise

February 26th, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

That Old-Timey Video Isn’t Good Enough For You

  • Have sort of had blogger’s-block lately, but a few developments this week catalyzed a torrent of thoughts to express, so to avoid an overly indulgent post, will try to contain this to pithy bullets.
  • Our stupendous PR consultant Brian Baumley (check out his three pages of results for us) has recommended recently that we could have some fun with xtraNormal, which we have done, see video below.
  • Just the other day saw TechCrunch coverage of  a (frankly, kind of dull) video with Twitter exec/founder Ev Williams video from ~10 years ago including some old-timey intro footage, and a few weeks ago TechCrunch covered unearthing of a much, much better video from ~ 5 y.a. of  Tw e/f Biz Stone, also anachronistically stylized.
  • inspired by bullets above, PRESENTING! A Viral Humdinger
  • Hope you found that video witty, but know it also has a message: Flip cameras, iMovie softare and YouTube accounts, and cute & easy tools like xtraNormal, make many think that enterprises don’t need to pay dedicated, high-end production talent and can go the UGC route for content. — Not true.
  • 15 years ago some people started to expect professional organizations might have web sites built by employees in spare time with tools like FrontPage, and probably 15 years before that people expected that all brochures would be similarly done from general employee pool with onset of desktop publishing tools. — These both also have never turned out to be true.
  • Web development, print design and other media endeavors are in fact done by hybrids on behalf of corporations, of large institutions and even of major media publishers — a little bit by crafty employees with off-shelf tools, some by particularly skilled & dedicated internal professionals, and still plenty by major external agencies revving up the big guns.
  • Thus it will be with video and as organizations of all sizes and types use this effective and increasingly available & usable medium throughout operations, expect some to be someone like me playing with xtraNormal, and a lot to be projects with substantial budgets & teams including serious professionals in the craft.
  • xtraNormal is in fact fun and useful to play with and we look forward to availing such functionality in our pre-production software for better collaborative scripting and storyboard development.
  • Back to the top few bullets above, in addition to the Ev & Biz videos, recent TechCrunch stories have also included broad criticism of the PR field including with aid of xtraNormal software. Well, we’re not sure how warranted that is, and at least can point to Brian Baumley as a shining counter-example of exceptional PR professionalism (yet another field in which solid professionalism can be just as vital as ever even in these Web 2.0+ days).
  • You get the sub-title of this blog post? Reference to an old spiritual, very familiar to those of us who read Inherit The Wind in middle school with a generous teacher who screened the (highly professionally produced & staffed) film after we finished.

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Google Joins Enterprise Video Space

September 4th, 2008 by Seth Kenvin

We Get Company

If you pay attention to technology industry news, perhaps even if you don’t, you’ve most certainly noticed Google’s launch this week of its Chrome browser. Major themes include providing a more efficient, stable and secure platform for accessing application functionality via Internet. These are themes Market7 endorses too as a provider of Web-based applications.

Less covered, but even more squarely within our domain, was Google’s simultaneous announcement of a video sharing application within the enterprise. Video, enterprise — that’s our market! This is cool, as for one thing our year old company frequently receives questions about the magnitude of potential  success in our newly emerging space. We believe that the timing to focus on enterprise video is ripe because of a confluence of trends such as more accessible production resources, faster bandwidth, and rising user familiarity with accessing video in multiple modes on multiple devices. So there’s another conviction we share with Google which finds its enterprise video opportunity sufficiently large to unveil in sync with its much-hyped browser launch.

The actual application Google is launching resembles an internally accessed version of YouTube. Videos can be uploaded for certain recipients or for all enterprise members, and those videos can receive comments, tags and ratings. This promises to enhance organizational effectiveness through broader, more intelligent access to the distinctively engaging, illuminating and persuasive medium of video. And Market7 elevates those organizations’ abilities to efficiently and effectively get video produced that can be circulated internally through environments like the one Google is launching, or circulated more broadly through other mechanisms.

Market7 welcomes Google’s public entry to the enterprise video  space and we are excited by the synergies of our activities and opportunities to collaborate.

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