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SolarCity Talks Positive Market7 Experience w/Building43

July 6th, 2011 by Brian Baumley

Market7 Powers Streamlined Video for SolarCity

Back in October 2010, Robert Scoble of Building43 sat down with Market7 for an in-depth interview about and what it takes to make video production efficient. Recently, Rackspace’s Building43 approached one of Market7′s first customers, SolarCity, and asked them to pen a blog post about their experience with us.

That post, by SolarCity’s Bradley Robinson ran today and you can check it out here. The focus of Bradley’s post is how Market7 has helped streamline video production at the company. Key takeaways include:

  • Market7 has made the video editing process easier than ever before for SolarCity
  • The traditional video production process was cumbersome and error-prone, but Market7 helps to overcome challenges
  • The first time SolarCity used the software and invited members to a project, they had a a 100% success rate of users accessing video and figuring out on their own how to add comments to the stream. Even “non-technical” SolarCity team members had a positive experience with Market7 and were able to quickly understand and use the software.
  • After implementing this solution, SolarCity will never go back to paper edits.

Access the post by hitting the logo below. And, by the way, interested in solar  and its many green and financial benefits for your home or business? Check out! These guys are heating up (sorry…) across the country!

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Wareprise Reviews Market7 For Use In The Enterprise

March 7th, 2011 by Brian Baumley

Streamlining Video Productions For Marketing, Training, Orientation And More

We’ve been writing a lot here about how the increased need for professionally-produced video is driving organizations of all types and sizes to look for better ways to create video. Over at Wareprise, which specializes in reviews of software being used in the enterprise, Weng Yee has just posted his thoughts on just how challenging it is to produce video and how using Market7 can help overcome many of those challenges.

Weng quickly saw the difference between a solution purpose built for video production and the good, but very general, project management software that is also available to organizations that want to get a better handle on collaboration. He walks through many of the tools and discusses applicability to real world settings. The result is a great review that discusses Market7′s value for the enterprise.

Check out the article here.

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Market7 CEO Guests On Digital Production Buzz

January 3rd, 2011 by Brian Baumley

Video Production Expert Larry Jordan Discusses Market7 Going Mobile

The crew over at the Digital Production Buzz has become fond of Market7 over the years (the feeling is mutual). While many were making party dip, procuring spirits or mentally preparing to watch Snooki drop in the New Year’s ball, Market7 CEO Seth Kenvin called into the Buzz to talk about the latest product update. Host Larry Jordan got to the heart of the trends driving the upgrade, what it meant for customers and why it was a very natural, logical evolution for a product that exists to make video production management simple and seamless.

Check out the full show over at the DPB website (there’s a link in the player that takes you right to Seth’s interview) or click the link below for the Market7 excerpt.

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DV Magazine Talks Market7 Impact With Customers

December 1st, 2010 by Brian Baumley

Our Users Sound Off On Better Video Production Management

We’ve linked to a number of reviews by writers who’ve taken our video production management SaaS for a spin and liked what they saw. In this month’s issue of DV MagazineIain Stasukevich talks with a few of our customers about the positive impact we’ve had on their organizations – which range from the enterprise to production houses. Whether it’s helping customers better manage projects across continents, cutting down on the time needed to take a production from start to finish or enhancing overall service and communication, Market7 is helping make a big difference in the office and out in the field everyday.

We thank our customers SolarCity, ElectrifyMedia and Pixel Corps for the kind remarks in this piece. And encourage you to check it out to learn more about how we may be able to help improve your video production efforts.

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Taking Video To School

November 4th, 2010 by Brian Baumley

School Video News Looks At Benefits Of Market7 In The Classroom

Over the years, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the broad range of environments in which makes a perfect fit. Among them are Fortune 500 enterprises, ad agencies, major league franchises, broadcast studios and the list goes on. In the November issue of School Video News, John Churchman talks with Market7 about the ways we can help teams of students collaborate on video production in the classroom. Check out the story here!

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PC Magazine Covers Market7 For Business Readers

July 26th, 2010 by Brian Baumley

M7 Highlighted For Giving Businesses The Power To Collaborate On Video

While PC Magazine has its roots in the consumer PC hardware/software market, it also publishes an excellent business-focused blog that highlights the latest innovative software and hardware, news, research, etc., geared toward biz users. A little while back, we spoke with PC Mag’s Samara Lynn and showed her She was impressed with its features and functionality and posted a brief overview on the site over the weekend.

Market7 makes it easy for anyone to collaborate on video. Keep checking back for news on the work we’re doing on that front!

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