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video.Market7 software release from Mar 4 ‘09

March 11th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

As promised in the last “New Release” blog post, this one includes some slick screen capture demos. The work we’ve been doing recently with modules like Event Management and Task Management increasingly positions video.Market7 as an excellent service for project management period, besides the fact that we bring specific value to video production as a type of project with some of our more industry-specific modules.

Here are enhancements we’ve made recently for Events:

And what we’ve been up to on Tasks:

Additionally, we’ve made some improvements to the project home page (including project due data as a new data field), and to the flow of people being invited to and joining projects. As always, a blog post of this type is tagged “New Releases” so they can be conveniently perused.

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Being Organized: Good For Doctors, Producers, Software Start-ups Too

February 12th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

I read recently about a study in the famous New England Journal of Medicine indicating that the success of medical procedures is dramatically enhanced by implementing regular organizational practices. These include assuring that all members of a team collaborating be familiar with each other and their respective roles, and that checklists be followed in completing procedures. Eight hospitals that participated in the study by adhering to such practices had mortality rates fall by nearly half.

The practices advocated in the NEJM piece are very much the same as what video.Market7 facilitates with our project management modules. We often tout our video-specific modules for undertakings like iterating on scripts and reviewing footage. But it’s increasingly clear from our customers’ experiences that we should not be sheepish about touting the attributes of modules like Task Management that allows utilization of templates with regular requirements for projects that can be prioritized, assigned to particular designates and scheduled with due dates, and Team Management that provides access to all team members with key information about them including specification of who plays what roles in the project.

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Feature Release for December 18

December 19th, 2008 by Shannon Newton

We’ve got some exciting new features for all of our Market7 customers. Most importantly, we have taken our final step towards implementing a cross-project dashboard to allow you to see a quick status on multiple projects at once.

1. Tasks can be assigned to anyone on the project team
2. Comments can be tagged
3. Comments can be sorted by tags in addition to chronologically or timeline order
4. Exported comment list can also be sorted by tags

Task Manager Screenshot

Annotative Player Screenshot

Our next release will be in three weeks at our usual Wednesday time slot (5pm-8pm eastern)

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