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Reducing Stress In Video Production

August 13th, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

Find Time In Your Busy Schedule For Us To Help Lighten Your Load

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2010 Starts Next Mile Of This Marathon

December 31st, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

Pace Well, Gain Ground

The CEO of my last company told me that despite the common claim, building a start-up’s not so much like running a marathon as it’s like running a short sprint and realizing that crossing the finish marks start of the next sprint. It’s very clever and I was compelled, but now that Market7 nears two-and-a-half years old, I’m back to embracing the established marathon metaphor.

It’s news to few that the 2009 business environment has been challenging. Market7 finishes the year stronger than it started, with additional, expanded, more integrated, faster & more reliable functionality across all of our modules; a larger customer base; entry into some new market spaces; and even a growing team with multiple valuable contractors who’ve joined our core team during the year. We’ve gotten a lot done and have done so, moving challenge-to-challenge, by distributing steady efforts among multiple initiatives and progressing incrementally in each. Our record of 2009 accomplishment, like the fact that you’re now reading our one-hundredth blog post of the year, would surely have been more volatile if we were constantly re-directing all resources and efforts towards whatever single opportunity promised most at any moment.

The photo above is me running, and under-pronating, in the year that will become 14-ago starting at midnight. It’s from the one literal marathon that I’ve run. Recalling that experience, the metaphor is very apt for building a start-up. Market7 goes into 2010 confident we’re pacing ourselves well and ready to gain some serious ground, and we look forward to sharing such a year with our community. HNY!

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Interview For Fierce Online Video Leader Series

September 2nd, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

Our Start-Up Evolutionary State

We appreciate Peter Wylie’s insightful questions about how it is to put a new start-up company through its paces in the current, challenging economic environment. Check out those questiona and our responses here (meaning, click logo below to link to the interview):

Thanks Peter & FierceOnlineVideo!

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