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Video View Auditing, Scene Range Sharing

March 22nd, 2012 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 Release From March 18 ’12

We continue advancing broadly across our suite of modules, and in trying to determine a theme for this week’s release, I suppose it comes down to “parts”. If you’re an administrator of a project and a participant checks out a video, it can be useful to know what within that video were checked out. The impact of praise, or of condemnation, may vary based on how much of a video was watched and even what specific portions, so we’ve now put this auditing into the project’s activity feed (just for the view of people who are administrators of the project’s account). Another context in which granular specificity is useful is communications about a script — when calling someone’s attention, may want to hone in on specific portions of a script, so we now allow a scene range to be set in sharing functionality of the script. Check out both of these features in demo below.

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More Ways To Share, Even Nicer Player

August 5th, 2011 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 Release From July 26 ’11

Most recent release responds to a lot of suggestions from field to make our service work better:

  • highlight where to click for commenting on a video so that first time users don’t watch video in our player and write feedback by email without realizing they can easily leave contextual comments right within the video
  • simplify presentation of player by reducing the controls that show, specifically having per-comment tools only reveal when moused over particular comment
  • allow a specific comment to be shared proactively calling attention of someone who has to take action on it
  • when sharing Annotative Player page, avail sharing video at current playhead location within video — when combined with including a message in sharing action, this can effect private commenting for eyes of some but not all project team members
  • when sharing any video.Market7 page, be able to add new people to project and then the first time they log onto the project they’ll go directly to the shared page (instead of the project’s home page)

Here’s a demo:

Suggestions from our users are the best way to improve our service, and this release reflects their value, which we greatly appreciate!

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video.Market7 Release from Nov 4 ‘09

November 8th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

Straightening Out Who’s Available When

A cool new feature area in our latest release is visual depiction of who’s available when, and what is nature of any conflicts, while events are being scheduled, demonstrated below. Last couple weeks have also included a good amount of behind-scenes work including architectural upgrade for our increasing usage, and some bug fixing (should you notice any, please let us know (info or support AT market7 email addresses), and we’ll get on it quickly). OK, here’s the visual availability functionality:

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