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StreamingMedia Reviews Online Collaboration Tools

April 15th, 2011 by Brian Baumley

Market7 Profiled In Top Collaboration Tools Buyer’s Guide

Early last year, Tim Siglin at StreamingMedia published a very detailed (and favorable) review of Market7. In the current issue, Tim takes a recent look at Online Video Collaboration tools in an article that highlights Market7 and enhancements made to the service since the 2010 review.

Check out the full article by hitting the logo below!

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Market7 Up For 2 StreamingMedia Readers’ Choice Awards

September 10th, 2010 by Brian Baumley

Cast Your Vote For Us, Please!

StreamingMedia just announced its annual Readers’ Choice Awards nominees and we’re up for two. Head over to the site now to cast your vote for Market7. You’ll find us in the Best Online Video Company and Enterprise Video Platform categories. There is a very fast registration process, then you’re on your way.

And if you haven’t already seen it, check out StreamingMedia’s very comprehensive review of video.Market7 from earlier this year.

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ReelSEO Talks With Market7 CEO About Company, Video Production

February 15th, 2010 by Brian Baumley

Seth gives video production advice, dishes on common pitfalls

A little while back, ReelSEO’s Mark Robertson caught up with Market7 CEO Seth Kenvin for an update on the company, thoughts on how to make video production more efficient and more. The interview serves as a great primer for what can go wrong in any video production, why things go wrong and how Market7 can help address these extremely frequent issues. Check out the video embedded below or with a great text recap over at ReelSEO.

Missed ReelSEO’s review of Market7 back in November? You can check it out here. We’re pleased to say that we’ve already implemented some of the suggestions that reviewer Christopher Rick included in the review!

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Thorough Review Of video.Market7 In StreamingMedia

January 14th, 2010 by Brian Baumley

We think it’s worth setting some time aside to take this full one in

Back in October, Tim Siglin of StreamingMedia and Braintrust Digital came out to our engineering offices in San Francisco to learn more about video.Market7 in preparation for an upcoming review. When he left to spend some time trying out the service on his own, he did more than just kick the tires – he took us apart and put us back together again! We should have expected no less after the meticulous in-person meeting.

We are pleased that this discriminating shopper seems to have overall liked what he saw. Like many video producers who try video.Market7, Tim seemed especially taken with the annotative player, which he notes, “might be the best thing to come along [last] year.”

A huge thanks to Tim and also to Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen over at StreamingMedia for taking the time to check us out. Check out the review online and in the Dec/Jan issue.

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The Latest Market7 Interviews And Reviews

November 20th, 2009 by Brian Baumley

Hear & See Recent Takes On Market7 And Brush Up On Enterprise Video

What’s the buzz? CEO Seth Kenvin recently took to the air waves (or is it broadband waves?) to talk to the crew at the Digital Production Buzz about the latest on Market7. Esteemed video pros Larry Jordan and Mike Horton got the scoop on how Market7 works, new features, customers and more for Market7′s fourth appearance on the show this year! Check out the whole show here or just Seth’s interview here.

ReelSEO also checked out Market7 in what is probably the most thorough review of our software to date! They like a lot of what we’re doing and point to some ways that we can improve the service even more. The good news is that many of the features or functionality that they’d like us to address are already on the road map, and the review also provides some interesting new ideas for us to consider. So, plenty more to come, as always.

Ann All over at IT Business Edge recently spoke with Seth to learn more about video collaboration in the enterprise. As video production becomes increasingly paramount for any business, there is a lot to consider. Seth’s interview makes for a great primer on what companies should be thinking about when it comes to utilizing video.

Thanks to @Cirina and the rest of the Digital Production Buzz team, Mark Robertson and Christophor Rick at ReelSEO, and Ann All over at IT Business Edge for taking the time to talk and learn more about Market7.

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Social Media Impact On Marketing And Sales

October 29th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

A Tale Of How We Do Business In 2009

It started a few weeks ago when we noticed our customer @switchmarketing recommending our service to @lilipip. @lilipip is the identity of Ksenia Oustiougova on twitter. She is the founder of a company called Lilipip that does gorgeous explanatory animations.

We tried a little bit to @reply and otherwise get some attention from @lilipip, and then last week we saw more twittering about her trying us out like this one, and this one. It was a rather public and pithy review of us including what she’s liked about our accomplishments and what she hopes to see from us going forward. A little more @replying by us, and soon a couple direct messages, and we were invited to converse by skype.

We pretty soon tried to voice-call by skype, but, in perhaps the story’s most dramatic turn, got an immediate text chat reply athat Ksenia was not talking due to suffering from a sore throat. But she very generously engaged in a 15 minute chat session about her experience with and reflections about us. With dozens of ideas laid out in our communications over various media, many about her specific needs and interests as an animator (as opposed to video producer), we now felt compelled to share a compilation of our reactions and intentions, in more lengthy & consolidated form than twitter or skype best support, so it was time for a new medium.

We sent an email of about 10 paragraphs laying out exactly what our service has now related to the preferences expressed and what our roadmap is for those towards which we are still building. Several elements were really just now arising through this particular interaction and its good ideas being raised for which we are grateful. And yesterday we received a reply back from Ksenia with her point-by-point reflection on what was raised in our email including some more new, good ideas. The email exchange also included our appreciation of the video with her entrepreneurial story on the lilipip site and its equivalent in a podcast of our founding and philosophy we did last week.

twitter, skype, email, podcast — a rich array of new (in most cases very new) communication methods, each used distinctively for an overall open and productive communication not only towards forming a new customer relationship but also towards authenticating and accelerating our progress by continuing to evolve our services based on direct, insightful feedback from our marketplace. We hope Ksenia’s throat is recovered.

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video.Market7 Release from Oct 14 ‘09

October 17th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

Customers Pick The Turns On Market7 Roadmap

While initially building video.Market7 we presumed that a typical production would involve sharing of a few cuts of footage towards the final product plus occasional collection of some integrated assets like graphics that appear within video. So we built our Files module to be a single, simple repository for everything assembled within a project, thinking that just sorting the list according to certain criteria would be sufficient to organize and find. In fact our customers are using projects in our service to collect much more content including storyboard elements, headshots of actors & scouting shots of locations, b-roll & other footage to be integrated into production, and various planning & organizational documents. Several have asked for better capabilities to work with larger amounts of documents and media typically assembled in a project so we are in the midst of enhancing our files capabilities, the latest aspect of which is folder-based organization:

Another point that’s come up more than once from our users is that awaiting review, feedback and approval about content is a frequent source of anxiety. So we’ve included viewing of video, files and published scripts as activity feed generating items, whether or not the viewer makes comments. And instead of having to constantly log into a project to check its activity feed, we now allow users to subscribe to projects’ feeds by email, including control over which modules they want to follow and how frequently emails should go out:

There are a couple other new features in this release, also responsive to customer requests. Uploading content now includes availability of an “alternative uploader”, based on HTML instead of Flash, that may prove more robust for large files (like 1-2 GB). We are working towards bringing such robustness to our Flash uploader too but there are a few current challenges for that in  industry practice,  acknowledged and under consideration by the relevant technical community. Also, video.Makret7 project-owners now have the ability to edit other team members’ comments in our Annotative Player which could be used to clean up clutter of comments after decisions have been made or to resynchronize comments if a file’s been replaced with a newer version that has timeline alterations.

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Web2Review Checks Out video.Market7

September 12th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

They Like Us! (but we gotta keep getting easier)

It’s Saturday night & I’m making the weekly effort to achieve inbox equilibrium by Monday morning. One message indicates that is now being followed by @web2review. Not familiar, I check out the site,, and we fill the recent activity feed items there!

Our profile on the site is, and video.Market7 gets strong reviews from both Jeff & Josh of web2review, based on their using us to produce a video. Reviews include insights about how it’s tough to master the time variable when communicating about video, with appreciation of our approach to that. They also like some of our recent power-user functionality, attaching files to comments about video. Praise is nice, but it’s also always good to be kept humble, and both reviewers mention that we should keep striving for ever greater ease of use (we do! but, thanks!).

Web2review lookslike a nice site & service itself. I’ll shortly get to uploading some screenshots & otherwise populating the entry about us. (& if that site’s ease-of-use is an issue, I’ll be sure to report)

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