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Market7 CEO Guests On Digital Production Buzz

January 3rd, 2011 by Brian Baumley

Video Production Expert Larry Jordan Discusses Market7 Going Mobile

The crew over at the Digital Production Buzz has become fond of Market7 over the years (the feeling is mutual). While many were making party dip, procuring spirits or mentally preparing to watch Snooki drop in the New Year’s ball, Market7 CEO Seth Kenvin called into the Buzz to talk about the latest product update. Host Larry Jordan got to the heart of the trends driving the upgrade, what it meant for customers and why it was a very natural, logical evolution for a product that exists to make video production management simple and seamless.

Check out the full show over at the DPB website (there’s a link in the player that takes you right to Seth’s interview) or click the link below for the Market7 excerpt.

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