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Export Script To Teleprompter

October 30th, 2011 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 Release From October 27 ’12

video.Market7 fundamentally responds to the need for clearer communication and tighter organization throughout every stage of producing media, from determining concept through approval of completed footage. Linkages among stages is key. A great example is our release of script export to teleprompter, strengthening the transition from pre-production to shoot. Users can easily determine exactly what aspects of a script to export: which scenes, and which elements within scenes (ex: whether or not to include character names), and then the resulting text file is compatible with pretty much any commercial teleprompter software or system.

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Simple Or Versatile? Flip Demise Indicates Answer Is Now Both

April 27th, 2011 by Seth Kenvin

A Blog Post Too Late To Pioneer Our Own Clever Pun

Since we work in video technologies and publish a blog, it is obligatory that we post on Cisco’s closure this month of the Flip video camera line obtained through its 2009 Pure Digital acquisition, that was followed immediately by an ubiquitous celebrity-driven ad campaign. And now, the product is gone. And we’ve got some thoughts. But since it’s taken us a couple weeks to express those thoughts we can’t pioneer such clever blog puns as “Flipping switch on acquisition”, ”Cisco flipflops” nor  ”R.I.P. F.L.I.P.” — others have beaten us to all of those.

Around the time of the Pure Digital acquisition a lot of credit was directed towards the company for achieving the Flip’s popularity by taking quality equipment, an HD video camera, and refining to an enormously simple experience driven primarily by pushing a dominant centralized red button, on a compact & rugged device, that connects to computer with a buildt-in, flip-out USB dongle.

In video production there’s an oft-cited axiom: “good, fast or cheap — pick two”.  Pure Digital made a similar determination in its positioning by putting together good quality HD with easy use, at expense of providing a versatile device. And that initially worked as people frequently reserved a pocket for constant availability of capturing HD content, offsetting everything else (email, web, music, personal information management, games & more, even photography) being on smart phone on opposite pocket. But all those other things coming together elegantly seem to present Cisco the conundrum for Flip’s future. With increasingly good video capture & management on phones (better resolution, longer footage, immediate ability to sync & upload content wirelessly), just a couple years later consumers now seem to be able to “pick three” among quality, ease and versatility when recording video on smart phones.

The last few years have been breathtaking in the pace of technology impacting life, with Flip / Pure Digital a great case study. A “revolutionary” (per Wired magazine) leader in distilling multi-button handheld cameras to just a few prominent aspects on an even smaller device, seems to get truped within just a few quarters by what may have initially seemed an entirely different category of product.

We can relate to such challenges in building our own business. Market7 brings together applications for the content collaboration involved in pre-production, the content collaboration of post-production, and the project management throughout, believing that media production professionals don’t just want easy and good solutions for each of these in isolation — today’s technology user demands ease and quality for all of their needs integrated together in singular options, whether such considerations relate to handheld devices or collaborative workflows.

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User Generated Content Most Often Wrong For Enterprise

February 26th, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

That Old-Timey Video Isn’t Good Enough For You

  • Have sort of had blogger’s-block lately, but a few developments this week catalyzed a torrent of thoughts to express, so to avoid an overly indulgent post, will try to contain this to pithy bullets.
  • Our stupendous PR consultant Brian Baumley (check out his three pages of results for us) has recommended recently that we could have some fun with xtraNormal, which we have done, see video below.
  • Just the other day saw TechCrunch coverage of  a (frankly, kind of dull) video with Twitter exec/founder Ev Williams video from ~10 years ago including some old-timey intro footage, and a few weeks ago TechCrunch covered unearthing of a much, much better video from ~ 5 y.a. of  Tw e/f Biz Stone, also anachronistically stylized.
  • inspired by bullets above, PRESENTING! A Viral Humdinger
  • Hope you found that video witty, but know it also has a message: Flip cameras, iMovie softare and YouTube accounts, and cute & easy tools like xtraNormal, make many think that enterprises don’t need to pay dedicated, high-end production talent and can go the UGC route for content. — Not true.
  • 15 years ago some people started to expect professional organizations might have web sites built by employees in spare time with tools like FrontPage, and probably 15 years before that people expected that all brochures would be similarly done from general employee pool with onset of desktop publishing tools. — These both also have never turned out to be true.
  • Web development, print design and other media endeavors are in fact done by hybrids on behalf of corporations, of large institutions and even of major media publishers — a little bit by crafty employees with off-shelf tools, some by particularly skilled & dedicated internal professionals, and still plenty by major external agencies revving up the big guns.
  • Thus it will be with video and as organizations of all sizes and types use this effective and increasingly available & usable medium throughout operations, expect some to be someone like me playing with xtraNormal, and a lot to be projects with substantial budgets & teams including serious professionals in the craft.
  • xtraNormal is in fact fun and useful to play with and we look forward to availing such functionality in our pre-production software for better collaborative scripting and storyboard development.
  • Back to the top few bullets above, in addition to the Ev & Biz videos, recent TechCrunch stories have also included broad criticism of the PR field including with aid of xtraNormal software. Well, we’re not sure how warranted that is, and at least can point to Brian Baumley as a shining counter-example of exceptional PR professionalism (yet another field in which solid professionalism can be just as vital as ever even in these Web 2.0+ days).
  • You get the sub-title of this blog post? Reference to an old spiritual, very familiar to those of us who read Inherit The Wind in middle school with a generous teacher who screened the (highly professionally produced & staffed) film after we finished.

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Market7 CEO Champions Better Video Production On Spidvid Podcast

October 22nd, 2009 by Brian Baumley

Seth Spills Some Video Collaboration Knowledge On The Spidcast

Spidvid founder Jeremy Campbell recently asked Market7 founder Seth Kenvin to participate in brand new podcast series Spidcast. Hop over to the Spidcast site to check out the pretty in depth interview covering the genesis of Market7, Seth’s philosophies on the collaborative video space and what challenges/opportunities are coming down the road. Warning: Seth’s vocal chops get seriously upstaged by those of great interviewer Michael London.

Hear a portion of the interview: [Spidcast interview snippet], or listen to the entire interview here.

Lastly, Spidvid themselves have some pretty cool thoughts around collaborative video efforts and you should definitely take a look at what they’re up to as well.

PS – Hey, nice to meet you all. I’m M7’s faithful PR guy and you’ll hear from me every now and then with updates like these moving forward!

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M7 on Digital Production Buz @ NAB

May 3rd, 2009 by Shannon Newton

For those of you who missed Seth’s interview on Digital Production Buzz, there is the full interview below. Dig Prod Buzz had a great setup this year interviewing thousands of people about cool stuff happening at NAB (I don’t know if it was actually thousands but it sounds so much better). In the interview Seth talks about our newest features released for NAB, the ability to export comments directly into Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. Seth talks about other exciting things, most of it is true…ENJOY!

Market7 on DigProdBuzz @ NAB

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