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Reflections On Market7 In 2011

December 31st, 2011 by Seth Kenvin

A “suite” year

Took a moment before the family awoke the other day to record some thoughts on what this year’s been like for our company. It’s been especially exciting to engage with customers who along with their work on our established annotative player, use Market7 software-as-service just as much (or even more) for tracking tasks, or developing a scripts, or handling production requests from clients, with accruing benefits when multiple modules are used together.

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Meaning Of T-Shaped People To Employing Companies & Resulting Products

November 26th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

T-Shaped People, Rectangular Companies, Cubed Benefits To Our Customers

T is for “turkey”, “Thanksgiving” and, and to some, a special kind of “person”. The case for hiring & working with “T-shaped” people is one I’ve encountered a lot lately. I think it’s a good description of the sort of person with whom I most value working and engaging. If you want to know what it means, and why I think it’s so great, including for our customers, watch the video that follows this paragraph. You can even play a little game: see if you catch my mistake, revealed below the video. Also stay tuned for Shannon’s cameo at the end. In spirit of holiday, I’m thankful for him always being on-the-spot with video equipment for recording my takes. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Seth’s mistake revealed below



a little lower



As integration among our modules rises, I don’t anticipate too many users will “write a script about the task” as I mistakenly said on-camera.  I meant more that benefits accrue when our software can allow contextual assignment of a task-about-a-script from within that script’s page instead of having to navigate away from it to a Tasks module page.

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We Are Ready For You To Use Our Stuff

February 12th, 2008 by Seth Kenvin

I am amazed by how fast things are happening for Market7. My prior company makes routers for cable and telecom operators which required years of engineering and qualification and mind-numbing progression through various other obstacles encountered before we had our customers using our work. This go-round, it seems our time is now.

Two modules are pretty much ready to be used. One focuses on preparation of materials for a video shoot, including some of the scripting concepts Shannon’s included in blog posts. The other relates to the review of footage and management of the editorial / post-production processes. It’s the source of the screen shot on our home page. We are ready for professional producers to try these modules in cooperation with actual clients to execute real-world projects.

We’re fortunate in the influence we’ve received getting where we are. This now extends through direct interaction with our own users. Will you have a project over the next couple of months which could use a better approach to working together on writing a script and planning how to shoot it? or to reaching consensus on what’s the best footage and how it should transform to final deliverable? Do you promise to talk to us about your experience during and afterwards? Please let us know – you can reach us via the contact info on the right of this page (scroll down a little), or indicate your interest in the comments & questions part at the bottom of our feedback form. We look forward to it.

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