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Get Everyone In Video Production On Same Page

February 22nd, 2011 by Seth Kenvin

Start your project right; right?

Before Market7 started, I was a frustrated in the customer role of getting video produced. These projects tend to involve people not used to working together, each bringing different areas of insight and ignorance, and needing to bridge the gaps and get productive quickly. The problems are of course most stark when the project starts. We are working with some customers on great ways to launch projects with key information conveyed and materials organized, without confusion, from the start.

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July 18th, 2008 by Seth Kenvin


Market7 activities are increasingly synchronized around our plans to launch commercial activity within a few months. What we’re developing is based on market research efforts that started two years ago, we are approaching nine months of engineering work completed, and there have been real-world video production projects engaging in pilot usage of our software since April. Feeling good about progress, we’re preparing to soon turn on the cash registers, establish the value that our software-as-service provides, and start constructing a top line that will provide for growing, sustainable and self-sufficient operations. Approaching this milestone involves vital coordination among the activities of each employee, technical or business, and there is an exciting vibe of our efforts converging.

We anticipate that our commercial launch will be several months ahead of a marketing launch in which we’ll endeavor to expand awareness of our value proposition and thereby accelerate growth. Commercial launch is of course itself a vital step in our journey. If you are interested to explore becoming one of our pioneering commercial customers (we are devising some incentives), or if you want to get in on the last several months of our pre-commercial pilot program, please let us know.

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