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Player Instructions, De-cluttered Layout, Quality / Efficiency Toggle, Task Reminders, Copy Scenes

April 12th, 2012 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 Release From April 11 ’12

So much new stuff that this post’s headline wraps to a second line! As we prepare for NAB, we’re releasing a slew of features across multiple modules. And, we have some even newer stuff in development which we can show at the event. Email to arrange getting together with us. What’s available now, and demonstrated below, includes:

  • Clear & present instructions on basics of using Annotative Player to help new users get started
  • Refined layout when adding comments in Player making advanced features more discreet and basic features more obvious
  • Toggle to switch video play between higher quality and better bandwidth efficiency versions including automatic prompting when bandwidth challenges are encountered
  • Schedule reminder emails to be sent in advance of Tasks being due
  • Copy entire scenes of Collaborative Script including any uploaded media within a project or across projects (which can be especially useful to achieve templates on episodic content that tends to follow the same pattern)

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video.Market7 release from Mar 12 ‘10

March 18th, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

Time Has Come Today

Like the Chambers Brothers sang, “time has come today . . can’t put it off another day” (great song, click the link! Good background while you read the following paragraph, but make sure to pause the Chamberses for when you watch our cool demo below that)

Responding to enthusiastic customer requests, we are enhancing the sophistication of managing time in video.Market7 including managing personal time zones with the application completely accommodating (so if I’m set East Coast time & a team-member on the West Coast does something at 9AM her time,  it will show up for me as having occurred at noon my time), AND conflict checking while scheduling events can be synchronized not only to other events in video.Market7 projects, but also personal calendars! initially Google Calendar but we’re on our way to delivering others as well.

That was a dense written description, but here’s a more visual demo (go full-screen):

Interesting day for us to get this up on the blog, as Google also put out some new capabilities around juggling different individuals’ schedules when coordinating appointments. They’ve certainly got some nice stuff in theirs too, but cool to see that ours also gets distinguished by certain capabilities it has. As the Chambers Brothers also sang, “now that the time has come, there are some things to realize.” (interpret inclusion of that quote however you wish)

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