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Our Logo Is More Than Just Our Name

April 19th, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

Street intersection, founding fathers, diverse elements converge. and baseball.

As described in our annual (2 years running!) July 4 blog post, our company’s name has roots in Revolutionary times. The intersection of Market & 7th streets in Philadelphia is where Thomas Jefferson boarded and probably did most drafting of the Declaration of Independence, with collaborative input provided by the likes of Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. Notable teamwork towards a creative deliverable, much like we aim to facilitate in media production.

The literal origin of the name as an intersection is of course represented in the square where “M” and “7″ meet in our logo, and figuratively the golden tone selected indicates the brilliant collaboration that can happen at such a coming together. Moreover the logo highlights how such great results are especially achievable when the collaborators are themselves diverse parties, in seven different ways:

  • A letter & a number
  • One’s blue, one’s red
  • One’s higher / other lower
  • also, left / right
  • One form is half of the other
  • but stretched out with about twice as long a diagonal element
  • and it’s rotated 90 degrees

Likewise, our biggest focus is leveraging diversity of parties involved to facilitate the best interaction. Business types with stylistic types, Mac and PC users working together, people whose work applications are based on Creative Suite collaborating with those principally familiar with MS Office.

Also, we like how the overlapping characters kind of looks like it belongs on a baseball cap.

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