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Video Production Workflow

November 24th, 2009 by Shannon Newton

From Greenscreen to composite

For those of you following some of our tweets and blog posts, I have been working as a producer on the  Dreamforce Keynote video for Salesforce.  The video has been a ton of fun so far.  Here is the evolution of one of our shots (420) as it goes from physical production to composite.  Thanks to Salesforce and Pixel Corps for allowing us to use this footage.

This first video shows behind the scenes on set.  You can see the shot is set up to sweep around the talent who is standing on a pedestal on the Greenscreen soundstage at the old ILM facility, (now Kerner Optical).  We are shooting on a Red camera which is mounted on a circular dolly track.

The second video shows the result of that shot in its raw format.  You can see we have burned in the frame numbers for the director so he can easily pick the frame range we want to use (which keeps us from wasting time keying, roto’ing, and tracking frames we will never use).  The triangular markers on the back wall are to track our shot in 3D space so we can put a CG background behind our talent later.

The final video in this series shows the rough composite after we pulled the green key to make an alpha channel, tracked the shot, and added our CG background and our Salesforce logo (which transforms into a flying hoverboard of sorts).  This is an early stage composite which still needs some contact shadows for our talent and the Salesforce hoverboard to make them appear as if they are in the environment.  We also need to clean up the key on the talent so the hard lines of his shirt are less pronounced and other tricks that will help him blend into his artificial environment.

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