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video.Market7 Release from Sep 16 ‘09

September 19th, 2009 by Shannon Newton

Knowing is Half the Battle*

Your entire production team will know more (about what is going on in your video production) as a result of our most current release.  To start with, our Activity Feed was the recipient of a much needed makeover.  Now, right from the project homepage, you can instantly see exactly what has been happening on your video projects.

  • Has the customer viewed the video?  Find out!
  • Was the script updated?  Find out!
  • Are they reading anything I am writing?  It’s right there in the Project Activity Feed.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Event Management page now has an easy to read calendar view to ensure you don’t miss or double book over those important production meetings.

And finally, as a bonus, we added an rollover image viewer to allow you to preview images with their relevant data right within the list, accessible from the activity feed, main File Management page, or media column in the Collaborative Script (no more clicking and waiting to get a larger view).

Here we demonstrate the highlights of the new features:

* and yes, that was a nod to G.I.Joe (…the original series that is)

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