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Maintain Or Build

April 2nd, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

Week Of Deep Thoughts Post #5

Exciting day! First one back in the office, seven days after surgery. Among commute, lunch out & some other stuff, probably put half a mile on the crutches. Feeling strong & looking forward to continuing recovery. Also looking forward to finishing this series of posts. Five straight days of identifying issues & writing opinions, while also doing the post-surgery rehab and trying to keep pace on the rest of the job. Phew.

Also exciting today were some interactions with customers to schedule meetings in a couple weeks to go over some new functionality we’re building right now. But there was also some interaction with customers about fact that our online service could be faster. Yes, it’s true. Apects of video.Market7 should be faster. And we’re on that too. This is a pivotal dilemma among software companies with emerging bases of customers — how to balance getting out the next set of services that drive higher usage and attract the next customers, with also constantly maintaining and enhancing the performance and reliability of what’s already provided.

As a start-up guy, I admit to a bias towards the thrill of conceptualizing and building new functionality in response to our expanding understanding of user needs. But as a maturing start-up guy I also increasingly recognize the need to complement that innovation with constant, diligent evaluation of how’s our performance and what we can do to optimize what our customers already have. So my deeply thought answer on this fifth day’s question is to balance constant emphasis on both maintain and build.

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Thorough Review Of video.Market7 In StreamingMedia

January 14th, 2010 by Brian Baumley

We think it’s worth setting some time aside to take this full one in

Back in October, Tim Siglin of StreamingMedia and Braintrust Digital came out to our engineering offices in San Francisco to learn more about video.Market7 in preparation for an upcoming review. When he left to spend some time trying out the service on his own, he did more than just kick the tires – he took us apart and put us back together again! We should have expected no less after the meticulous in-person meeting.

We are pleased that this discriminating shopper seems to have overall liked what he saw. Like many video producers who try video.Market7, Tim seemed especially taken with the annotative player, which he notes, “might be the best thing to come along [last] year.”

A huge thanks to Tim and also to Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen over at StreamingMedia for taking the time to check us out. Check out the review online and in the Dec/Jan issue.

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GetSatisfaction Now Integrated Within video.Market7

December 7th, 2009 by Shannon Newton

Feedback tab doubles as voice in product development

We have always used GetSatisfaction as a lifeline for our customers in need of support, and a channel for exchanges about ideas and questions. We use customer recommendations to decide what features and improvements to focus on. The large majority of what we’ve built directly responds to requests users share with us, and already our service integrates dozens of features initiated and enhanced through the feedback provided by GetSatisfaction in particular.

To make that easier, we have embeded the GetSatisfaction tab into our site. Better yet, we now share a single sign-on so customers who want to leave feedback don’t have to log on to their service separately or even have a GetSatisfaction account. You can now do everything right within the security of your Market7 project.

So try it out and let us know what you think (both good and bad) it’s the way we will get better.

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The Latest Market7 Interviews And Reviews

November 20th, 2009 by Brian Baumley

Hear & See Recent Takes On Market7 And Brush Up On Enterprise Video

What’s the buzz? CEO Seth Kenvin recently took to the air waves (or is it broadband waves?) to talk to the crew at the Digital Production Buzz about the latest on Market7. Esteemed video pros Larry Jordan and Mike Horton got the scoop on how Market7 works, new features, customers and more for Market7′s fourth appearance on the show this year! Check out the whole show here or just Seth’s interview here.

ReelSEO also checked out Market7 in what is probably the most thorough review of our software to date! They like a lot of what we’re doing and point to some ways that we can improve the service even more. The good news is that many of the features or functionality that they’d like us to address are already on the road map, and the review also provides some interesting new ideas for us to consider. So, plenty more to come, as always.

Ann All over at IT Business Edge recently spoke with Seth to learn more about video collaboration in the enterprise. As video production becomes increasingly paramount for any business, there is a lot to consider. Seth’s interview makes for a great primer on what companies should be thinking about when it comes to utilizing video.

Thanks to @Cirina and the rest of the Digital Production Buzz team, Mark Robertson and Christophor Rick at ReelSEO, and Ann All over at IT Business Edge for taking the time to talk and learn more about Market7.

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Feature Release for December 18

December 19th, 2008 by Shannon Newton

We’ve got some exciting new features for all of our Market7 customers. Most importantly, we have taken our final step towards implementing a cross-project dashboard to allow you to see a quick status on multiple projects at once.

1. Tasks can be assigned to anyone on the project team
2. Comments can be tagged
3. Comments can be sorted by tags in addition to chronologically or timeline order
4. Exported comment list can also be sorted by tags

Task Manager Screenshot

Annotative Player Screenshot

Our next release will be in three weeks at our usual Wednesday time slot (5pm-8pm eastern)

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