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You Have Great Content – Get It On Video!

September 30th, 2011 by Brian Baumley

Using Video To Bring Existing Content To Life For Marketing

Marketing teams in companies of all sizes are faced with the constant challenge of keeping website content fresh, finding new ways to connect with and engage visitors, and creating recurring site visits.

There are some tried and true techniques, many of which focus on keeping content fresh. This often means creating newsletters from scratch, running a blogging program, writing white papers – you name it. But sometimes, getting this new content created can be a tall order. Usually, a team has to decide what the content will be, who will create it, what the messaging will be, deadlines, and on and on. This is a necessary evil in most cases, but it doesn’t have to be the only way content gets cooked up by your company.

Your company could well be sitting on content you don’t know exists. And video can help bring it to life.

Speaking Engagements

Companies of all sizes often participate as speakers at various industry events. A lot of time and energy is poured into creation of presentation content, rehearsing and travel. Only to have content reach the end of its life as soon as the event ends. To let the content live on and reach many more people, hire a local videographer to come record your presentation. Be sure to get the event organizer’s permission. Most will be fine with this or have their own videographer from which you can buy a copy of your session. Finding a local videographer is as easy as doing a Google Maps search. You’ll have many choices in most major cities. And you’ll probably only end up sending hundreds.

Customer Presentations

If you have a standard customer presentation that could translate well to your larger customer base, take the time to get it on video. Sure WebExes and in-person presentations are sometimes preferred, but consider whether the content you’re sharing could just as easily translate to a video session that can be shared with your customer. Keeping in mind how many times one company might give the same presentation over and over, what’s one more time to get it on video when you can completely control the message? Also great for certain startup fundraising activities.

Give More Context to Website Content

A white paper or brochure will serve its purpose, but consider the additional context you can provide by having a company exec introduce it with video. The video could also help to market the written content via YouTube, Twitter, in a company newsletter, etc.

Reach Remote Workers with Company News

This doesn’t really fit in the “reach your customer” category, but still makes good use of video for communication. Many companies, of all sizes, hold “all-hands” meetings to talk about major company initiatives, progress, challenges, etc. These companies also usually have scattered workforces who either don’t attend the meetings or are forced to listen in via teleconference, which is a less than ideal experience. Capture these meetings on video and stream it online in real-time or post the raw footage immediately following the meeting so remote workers can stay in the loop.

Customer Events/Parties

Many companies hold customer events or parties for customers. Want to help grow attendance? Capture some fun moments on video and create a montage that can be shared. Even if you’re not throwing Sean Parker-style parties, yours are probably still appealing to your base and showing them what they’re missing might help ensure they make it next time they get an invite.

Tradeshow Demos

It’s always helpful to be able to read about a product on a website. But seeing it in action adds a whole new level of understanding and engagement. When your videographer is done recording your company exec speaking at an event, have them head over to your booth to capture some live product demos that can be put up on the Web.

As always, not all of these ideas are for every company. But when you’re thinking about new ways to engage with customers or create fresh content, keep in mind that you may already have what you need waiting to be caught on video!

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Market7 release from Jul 5 ’10

July 10th, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

Calendar Integration Extends To Outlook

A few releases ago we enabled people to provide their Google Calendar credentials when for when their availabilities are checked in scheduling Market7 events. We now extend that to Microsoft Outlook users too.

Here’s how someone can indicate Outlook account from Market7 My_Profile page:

And here’s how the personal calendar data (from either Google Calendar or Outlook) shows up when scheduling an appointment (the gold color is the appointment being scheduled, and the teal is pulled from someone’s personal calendar (and the darker blue is from other Market7 events)):

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video.Market7 release from Jan 27 ’10

February 1st, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

Dynamic streaming improves quality of video, and quality of play experience, and more

As our base diversifies, including expanding use on bigger budget production projects that tend to involve longer footage, customers increasingly request that our player functionality be immediately and comprehensively available for any portion of small or large video files. Our initial player functionality has been based on progressive download, meaning that once a video is requested, it loads in timeline order, and later portions of the video aren’t immediately available until the download catches up. As part of our assessment, and after experiments with a few commercial streaming servers, we determined the best approach for us is to engineer and implement our own approach to dynamic streaming, which we’ve spent the past month or so developing, along with a few other cool annotative player features, demonstrated here:

To assure good customer experiences, and even though we’ve already extensively tested, we haven’t yet turned on the new dynamic streaming for everyone, and we’re asking for volunteers. If you would like us to turn on dynamic streaming for (a) particular project(s) of yours, please email or letting us know which project(s) and we’ll do so. Once we confirm that video play and annotative interactivity works robustly across projects, video files and users, we’ll turn on dynamic streaming everywhere, which should occur during February 2010.

Dynamic streaming, like its name indicates, allows users to click anywhere within timeline of a video immediately upon load, and play of video from that requested point is immediately responsive. Also, in implementing the architecture we have also allowed for Flash (.flv) and H.264 (ex: .mp4, .m4v) videos to be in-the-clear in our player so they do not get transcoded, meaning that they are immediately available for play upon upload, and that they are played at full quality of the source content with no modification. Videos of other formats do still have to be transcoded to Flash for our player, although from the File Actions button in our player, the original states of those videos can be downloaded with full fidelity for file-transfer purposes including to see un-modified in a compatible player. One more change we made to our player is allowing j-k-l keyboard shortcut navigation back-play/pause-forward, and the same for left and right directional arrows and space-bar, with additional benefit of visual fast-forward and rewind by holding down the appropriate keys.

The player enhancements are demonstrated in the screen-capture video towards the top of this blog post. Other enhancements with this release include:

  • Continuing last couple of months’ theme, we’ve made still more speed improvements, especially this time for loads of project home pages
  • Improved layout and presentation on printouts of pages from Script, Task and Event modules
  • Easier flow for inviting new members to projects
  • Activity feed reflects the first time a new member logs into a project

And again, please do email to or letting us know projects of yours you’d like us to move to dynamic streaming immediately so that you can try it out (and please let us know how it works for you).

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video.Market7 Release from Nov 4 ‘09

November 8th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

Straightening Out Who’s Available When

A cool new feature area in our latest release is visual depiction of who’s available when, and what is nature of any conflicts, while events are being scheduled, demonstrated below. Last couple weeks have also included a good amount of behind-scenes work including architectural upgrade for our increasing usage, and some bug fixing (should you notice any, please let us know (info or support AT market7 email addresses), and we’ll get on it quickly). OK, here’s the visual availability functionality:

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