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video.Market7 software release from Mar 4 ‘09

March 11th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

As promised in the last “New Release” blog post, this one includes some slick screen capture demos. The work we’ve been doing recently with modules like Event Management and Task Management increasingly positions video.Market7 as an excellent service for project management period, besides the fact that we bring specific value to video production as a type of project with some of our more industry-specific modules.

Here are enhancements we’ve made recently for Events:

And what we’ve been up to on Tasks:

Additionally, we’ve made some improvements to the project home page (including project due data as a new data field), and to the flow of people being invited to and joining projects. As always, a blog post of this type is tagged “New Releases” so they can be conveniently perused.

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video.Market7 software release from Feb 18 ‘09

February 19th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

While we have a few cool new features, this week we’ve put out more of an eat-your-vegetables release than one whorthy of knock-your-socks-off screen-capture videos. Come back in a couple of weeks for more of those. We have primarilly been concerning ourselves with our Annotative Player and Event Management modules, improving their performance, robustness and functionality. Improvements include:

Annotative Player

  • We’ve taken several steps to enhance transcoding of uploaded files and Flash play robustness, and as a result video quality experiences should be improved
  • Expanded and more efficient comment viewing area so more comments on a video can be simultaneously seen
  • Highlight of comment during play lingers a little longer to be more notable
  • The on-screen highlighting has thicker teal border and offsetting yellow fill to be more notable over the video
  • The buttons that provide frame-back / forward when in pause mode, now also provide skip-back / forward by three seconds when in play mode
  • Comment sort choices expanded to include by-commenter (in addition to by-video-timeline and by-when-comment-posted)
  • Organization of comment export page is cleaned to be more legible and useful
  • Several design and usability improvements to previously existent functionality

Event Management

  • Conflict notification when a member of an event has simultaneous events scheduled in any video.Market7 project
  • Single button to import event to own calendar or send to others, regardless of what kinds of email and personal schedule software people use
  • Address of a location can be modified once and proliferate throughout all events scheduled to occur at the location
  • And again, several design and usability improvements to what we’ve had available for Events for a while

Other video.Market7 enhancements

  • Enhanced filtering by role in Team Management module — the selected role highlighted in yellow
  • When starting a new project, have access to teammates from prior projects according to their names (not just their email addresses)

As always, please keep your eyes open for these blog posts tagged “New Release” every few weeks to track the ongoing progress of our service.

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