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Player Instructions, De-cluttered Layout, Quality / Efficiency Toggle, Task Reminders, Copy Scenes

April 12th, 2012 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 Release From April 11 ’12

So much new stuff that this post’s headline wraps to a second line! As we prepare for NAB, we’re releasing a slew of features across multiple modules. And, we have some even newer stuff in development which we can show at the event. Email to arrange getting together with us. What’s available now, and demonstrated below, includes:

  • Clear & present instructions on basics of using Annotative Player to help new users get started
  • Refined layout when adding comments in Player making advanced features more discreet and basic features more obvious
  • Toggle to switch video play between higher quality and better bandwidth efficiency versions including automatic prompting when bandwidth challenges are encountered
  • Schedule reminder emails to be sent in advance of Tasks being due
  • Copy entire scenes of Collaborative Script including any uploaded media within a project or across projects (which can be especially useful to achieve templates on episodic content that tends to follow the same pattern)

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Script Pagination

April 8th, 2011 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 Release From Apr 6 ’11

People write all kinds of scripts: many or few scenes, heavy descriptions and/or dense amounts of dialog or light in both, varying amounts of media integrated into scripts. We have developed pagination to allow for faster load times by not waiting for an entire long script to load all at once, instead just several scenes at a time. But the right “several” isn’t the same for everyone all the time as some people’s scenes typically include just a few dozen words and others may have hundreds with multiple files uploaded to each. And, some people’s preferences can be to look at lots of scenes on-screen simultaneously or to control the perspective to a very specific set. So we’ve come up with a mechanism that defaults to showing five scenes at a time, but with a few intuitive controls enables complete customization of exactly what scenes are seen.

Here’s a demo:

Our most recent video.Market7 release also includes a few cool enhancements to the Annotative Player which we’ll get posted to the blog soon.

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Reducing Stress In Video Production

August 13th, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

Find Time In Your Busy Schedule For Us To Help Lighten Your Load

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Environment, Healthcare, Video

December 21st, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 and the news

Caught Meet The Press over weekend about healthcare legislation and international climate discussions. Market7 factors into these top-of-news topics. ¬†Work is underway with our first health-oriented customer which publishes a broad library of video for people to be better educated about how to take care of ourselves, looking to video.Market7 for more organization and efficiency in their varying and ambitious production efforts. And overall we are enthusiastic about the environmental implications of helping spread use of video content to connect people and enrich communication without transportation, and for similar reasons about how we enable production teams to be dispersed but cohesive when making video. While we’re not appearing¬†in this news, yet, we are grateful and excited to have beneficial implications for some of these important issues.

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Ecomomic Model Of Market7 Return-on-Investment Benefits For Our Customers

August 26th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

Bringing Home Our Month Of Stating Value Proposition

Except for a couple of posts celebrating our business with Google as a customer, there’s been a certain theme on the Market7 blog throughout August: emphasizing impact on our customers’ bottom lines. We provide our video.Market7 service to enhance the communication and organization of production, with results including making better video (to drive higher associated revenue) and doing so on-time and on-budget (to contain costs). The prior sentence’s parentheticals are of course the components of the most basic profitability formula.

Last week, Shannon posted four pieces of artwork & high-level text on which he toiled valiantly for vivid and entertaining illustration of how what we provide enhances profitability of efforts at each stage of video production. Those four pieces are now compiled together into a single one-sheet of collateral, avalable as a pdf at the bottom of this post. Week before last, we introduced our newest module, Resource Management, which is is the most directly reflective piece of our service about profitablity, keeping track of each participant’s contributions to a project and how that compares to forecasts and how it drives costs. And at the start of August, we put up an inside look at some work we’ve been doing with our excellent summer coleague Driss Benamour to model how video.Market7 can impact profitability. Here’s how that model’s shaped up [hit play + you probably want to use that full-screen toggle guy towards lower-right of player to be able to read what's on-screen]:

Please contact us, as we’ll be thrilled to spend some time going over this model with you, get your practices reflected in the figures, and assess how much profitability you may be leaking that could be recaptured with better organization and communication through a solution like video.Market7.

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