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Market7 Buzzes About Hollywood, NAB & More

April 13th, 2012 by Brian Baumley

Craig Heiting Guests On Digital Production Buzz To Talk Market7 News

Market7 Hollywood guru Craig Heiting called into Digital Production Buzz last night to talk with host Larry Jordan about the company’s plans for NAB and some specific features being rolled out for studio and broadcast customers. He also gave out a top secret promo code that you can use to get even more bang for your buck when signing up for Market7. Check out the clip below or visit the site here to hear the full episode.

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Market7 CEO Guests On Digital Production Buzz

January 3rd, 2011 by Brian Baumley

Video Production Expert Larry Jordan Discusses Market7 Going Mobile

The crew over at the Digital Production Buzz has become fond of Market7 over the years (the feeling is mutual). While many were making party dip, procuring spirits or mentally preparing to watch Snooki drop in the New Year’s ball, Market7 CEO Seth Kenvin called into the Buzz to talk about the latest product update. Host Larry Jordan got to the heart of the trends driving the upgrade, what it meant for customers and why it was a very natural, logical evolution for a product that exists to make video production management simple and seamless.

Check out the full show over at the DPB website (there’s a link in the player that takes you right to Seth’s interview) or click the link below for the Market7 excerpt.

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The Latest Market7 Interviews And Reviews

November 20th, 2009 by Brian Baumley

Hear & See Recent Takes On Market7 And Brush Up On Enterprise Video

What’s the buzz? CEO Seth Kenvin recently took to the air waves (or is it broadband waves?) to talk to the crew at the Digital Production Buzz about the latest on Market7. Esteemed video pros Larry Jordan and Mike Horton got the scoop on how Market7 works, new features, customers and more for Market7′s fourth appearance on the show this year! Check out the whole show here or just Seth’s interview here.

ReelSEO also checked out Market7 in what is probably the most thorough review of our software to date! They like a lot of what we’re doing and point to some ways that we can improve the service even more. The good news is that many of the features or functionality that they’d like us to address are already on the road map, and the review also provides some interesting new ideas for us to consider. So, plenty more to come, as always.

Ann All over at IT Business Edge recently spoke with Seth to learn more about video collaboration in the enterprise. As video production becomes increasingly paramount for any business, there is a lot to consider. Seth’s interview makes for a great primer on what companies should be thinking about when it comes to utilizing video.

Thanks to @Cirina and the rest of the Digital Production Buzz team, Mark Robertson and Christophor Rick at ReelSEO, and Ann All over at IT Business Edge for taking the time to talk and learn more about Market7.

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M7 on Digital Production Buz @ NAB

May 3rd, 2009 by Shannon Newton

For those of you who missed Seth’s interview on Digital Production Buzz, there is the full interview below. Dig Prod Buzz had a great setup this year interviewing thousands of people about cool stuff happening at NAB (I don’t know if it was actually thousands but it sounds so much better). In the interview Seth talks about our newest features released for NAB, the ability to export comments directly into Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. Seth talks about other exciting things, most of it is true…ENJOY!

Market7 on DigProdBuzz @ NAB

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BoxWench and Digital Production Buzz

January 19th, 2009 by Shannon Newton

Larry Jordan interviewed myself and Brent Bye again this week on Digital Production Buzz. Fortunately, it was more Brent than me (no one wants to hear too much me). Larry got a bit tongue-tied when trying to Prounounce B-O-X-W-R-E-N-C-H which became BoxWench. This exchange produced some chuckles.


The entire program can be found here:

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Digital Production Buzz

January 13th, 2009 by Shannon Newton

Larry Jordan interviewed myself and Brent Bye, a longtime Market7 customer, for Digital Production Buzz last week. We will be on the program again for a continuation of this interview next week. We talked about the very common struggles most video producers face working with clients and how Market7 can help. Here is the very short interview.


The entire program can be found here:

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