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Beautiful Software For Beautiful Production

September 19th, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

Aesthetic Merit Up On Our List With Scalability, Reliability, Performance And So On

A new customer signed up last week. I checked out the guy’s site and was struck by what gorgeous content he’s produced. But that’s of course true of many of our users. I am often consumed by the software nitty-gritty of our software for media production, and sometimes overlook the media that gets produced. It’s a privilege to have a role that facilitates such great work.

It’s also a challenge to build tools for craft. Given our customers’ strong stylistic sensibilities, it’s important that our software aesthetically appeal to them. More so, as they often point out to us, our customers use our software for work with their clients, so it’s important that through us they are effective artistic authorities. There is always much to consider about the next feature, faster service, enhancing reliability, but earning the honor of facilitating beauty merits consistent top priority by us.

Sean Dick’s expressed some interesting, related thoughts in this blog. I’ll try to get our new client’s permission to include some links to his work, and try to update this post accordingly.

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Mark Lasser Joins Market7

May 31st, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

Dog in tow, new sales guy gets case for Market7, having “been there” producing

Economy reviving? Market7 releases our first new employee interview in a long time. Mark brings an eclectic resume that ranges from B movie king Roger Corman to tech industry stalwart Hewlett-Packard, so he’s a natural fit for us. This is our first remote interview, and please excuse the “Call Recorder Demo” slapped on here since we are still just “trying out” / haven’t yet bought the 2-site recording software (but they at least get a link out of it). Economy may be reviving, but we remain a parsimonious start-up. One that’s now joined by Mark working hard to advance us, and if you reach out to he’s glad to share how we can help  you.

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Environment, Healthcare, Video

December 21st, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 and the news

Caught Meet The Press over weekend about healthcare legislation and international climate discussions. Market7 factors into these top-of-news topics.  Work is underway with our first health-oriented customer which publishes a broad library of video for people to be better educated about how to take care of ourselves, looking to video.Market7 for more organization and efficiency in their varying and ambitious production efforts. And overall we are enthusiastic about the environmental implications of helping spread use of video content to connect people and enrich communication without transportation, and for similar reasons about how we enable production teams to be dispersed but cohesive when making video. While we’re not appearing in this news, yet, we are grateful and excited to have beneficial implications for some of these important issues.

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Google Is First Customer Announced By Market7

August 18th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 Provides Google With Collaborative Video Production Solution

Google in-house video team adopts video.Market7 web software for better production,
streamlined project management, enhanced communication about content creation

SAN FRANCISCO, August 18, 2009 – Market7, Inc., a provider of web-based software for collaboration in the development and management of creative content, today announces Google Inc. as a customer. Google is using video.Market7 software to better manage production of video about the company, its offerings and activities, for distribution to multiple audiences. A team of video production specialists within Google has used video.Market7 to complete more than 120 productions so far during 2009.

“It is excellent validation for video.Market7 to be selected and used by Google, especially considering its record of bold achievement in technology and media, and its fundamental dedication to enrichment of web-based activities,” says Seth Kenvin, CEO of Market7. “Google is an invaluable partner for Market7, with interactions ranging from integration with Gmail and Google Maps to brainstorming about ambitious new features we are launching, all with shared motivation of efficient production of great video content.”

Google is working with Market7 to manage frequently simultaneous projects that involve constantly rotating teams, often with participants spread worldwide who are from both inside and outside the company. Google employees have expressed appreciation for video.Market7 fully addressing every aspect of production efforts, and for Market7 as a company being dedicated to customer success with a constant stream of innovative advances that reflect deep understanding of interests and needs in producing video.

video.Market7 is being used by Google to schedule project milestones, script what’s to be shot, and share content with organized feedback that guides editing and post production. Highlights of the service include:

  • Production Brief planning to determine strategy and tactics of a project from the outset;
  • Collaborative Script that allows web based development of content to be shot, including integration of storyboard and other visual elements;
  • Project management tools for Tasks, Events, Files, Team and recently launched Resources assuring coordination throughout production;
  • Annotative Player for collaborative review, communication and approval among team members about video content throughout all stages of production.

About Market7, Inc.

Market7 addresses needs of corporations and other organizations as they expand use of video for content commercialization, marketing, recruiting, support, training and other purposes, but often find the production processes to be confusing, inefficient and expensive. The company’s online environments are for all of the collaboration between video producers, their clients and any other parties involved in the process. This includes features for overall project management, conceptualization, script development and footage review. These aspects of video.Market7 web services have been used by dozens of organizations for hundreds of production projects. More information is available at

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Commitment To Great Customer Service

August 19th, 2008 by Shannon Newton

Poor Support Woes…

Recently, our company experienced terrible customer service from another Software as a Service (SaaS) company.

Instead, it is meant to highlight some of the key areas where SaaS is potentially weakest and where we (in accordance with our fine customers’ request) we hope to excel here at Market7.

  • After signing contract, customer cannot easily alter agreement after four months of low-usage
  • No online account management capabilities, must call customer support and wait for the assigned Account Representative to call us back
  • Despite leaving a better phone number for the Account Rep, Rep continues to call the phone number listed on the account, resulting in extended game of phone tag
  • Refusal to reassign account despite 4 weeks of Account Rep phone tag
  • Finally! Rep contact. Then 27 days go by with Rep failing to deliver promised new contract terms
  • After angry customer call and quick Rep follow up, Another four days pass, Rep still fails to deliver on promises
  • Through the entire process, customer is being charged for services they are not using

What can we at Market7 learn from this debacle? First, that customers feel vulnerable when dealing with SaaS. They are relying on someone “out there” to take care of them. They are at the mercy of outages, down-times, upgrades that result in bugs and loss of data. Because of this, it is especially important that they feel comfortable with the customer support system.

The irony is that the service is very, very good. If not for this customer service experience, I would recommend them to anyone wanting to have an online meeting in real-time. It is a shame that so much time was put into a great software experience only to lose customers because of their customer support.

Why is this different than traditional software? The vulnerability factor cannot be overlooked. SaaS companies must go OUT-OF-THEIR-WAY to take care of a simple request (like changing a service plan). Customers who get the impression they are just a number will conclude that their valuable information is at risk. “Wow, if they won’t even take the time to adjust my subscription, what will happen when I have a real problem like data loss on their servers”.

For Market7 video projects on a specific and limited time scale, producers and clients all fear that at the worst possible time (IE, 24 hours before the video is set to air) Market7 might not be there for them. As a result, it is crucial that we do three things for each and every customer:

  1. Make it easy for them to contact help
  2. Accept responsibility and encourage open communication
  3. Keep them constantly updated about progress and follow through the conclusion

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