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video.Market7 software release for Jan 7 ’09

January 9th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

Hey, cool, I wrote ’09 in the headline, not ’08!

We’ve peppered a bunch improvements throughout the application, but by far the most substantial effort of our programming during the holidays has been construction of our cross-project dashboard:

This module was conceptualized in direct response to our emerging band of heavy users who’ve clamored for broader, integrated perspective to survey status, assess requirements, and take implied actions across ALL of their projects.

This is the second serial “New Release” blog post. These will appear every few weeks, when we put new code on video.Market7 instead of the emails with such information we used to send to all of our registered users. So keep an eye on for that information, stay current subscribing to the blog by RSS or Feedburner both accessible on the right margin of this page just below the tag cloud, and screen posts on the New Release tag to catch up on all of these.

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