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Mark Lasser Joins Market7

May 31st, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

Dog in tow, new sales guy gets case for Market7, having “been there” producing

Economy reviving? Market7 releases our first new employee interview in a long time. Mark brings an eclectic resume that ranges from B movie king Roger Corman to tech industry stalwart Hewlett-Packard, so he’s a natural fit for us. This is our first remote interview, and please excuse the “Call Recorder Demo” slapped on here since we are still just “trying out” / haven’t yet bought the 2-site recording software (but they at least get a link out of it). Economy may be reviving, but we remain a parsimonious start-up. One that’s now joined by Mark working hard to advance us, and if you reach out to he’s glad to share how we can help  you.

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Our Logo Is More Than Just Our Name

April 19th, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

Street intersection, founding fathers, diverse elements converge. and baseball.

As described in our annual (2 years running!) July 4 blog post, our company’s name has roots in Revolutionary times. The intersection of Market & 7th streets in Philadelphia is where Thomas Jefferson boarded and probably did most drafting of the Declaration of Independence, with collaborative input provided by the likes of Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. Notable teamwork towards a creative deliverable, much like we aim to facilitate in media production.

The literal origin of the name as an intersection is of course represented in the square where “M” and “7″ meet in our logo, and figuratively the golden tone selected indicates the brilliant collaboration that can happen at such a coming together. Moreover the logo highlights how such great results are especially achievable when the collaborators are themselves diverse parties, in seven different ways:

  • A letter & a number
  • One’s blue, one’s red
  • One’s higher / other lower
  • also, left / right
  • One form is half of the other
  • but stretched out with about twice as long a diagonal element
  • and it’s rotated 90 degrees

Likewise, our biggest focus is leveraging diversity of parties involved to facilitate the best interaction. Business types with stylistic types, Mac and PC users working together, people whose work applications are based on Creative Suite collaborating with those principally familiar with MS Office.

Also, we like how the overlapping characters kind of looks like it belongs on a baseball cap.

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Adobe, Omniture Combine Creativity And Marketing

September 18th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

We Share Belief In Right Timing To Bring Together Previously Disparate Worlds

Big tech merger & acquisition news this week with announcement of Omniture, which provides web services used to maximize performance of online marketing and ecommerce, combining with creative and rich media software giant Adobe for $1.8 billion.  This deal is largely about bringing full circle the development, delivery, analysis and optmization of use of media in business. This cycle proceeds from domain of creative professionals to that of the marketing professionals and others who commission and utilize creative content. Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen highlighted just such a point in a conference call that included coverage of the deal:

“Adobe’s Creative Suite products and Flash platform help customers create and deliver engaging experiences. The addition of Omniture’s online marketing suite will help customers measure, analyze and optimize the impact and value of those experiences creating a continuous feedback loop.”

Market7 salutes and shares this belief in the time arriving to close the gaps that tend to separate the sources from the patrons of  creativity.  One of my common citations in describing Market7 is that we address fact that creatives are from Venus wheras those who commission and utilize their work are from Mars, and our role is to help these disparate groups comprehend each other, communicate and organize the work they must do together. Adobe and Omniture are principal players in many settings of video.Market7 use, and we look forward to witnessing the implications of these formidable players combining.

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Market7′s Muse

May 14th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

I took this photo of the atrium over the San Francisco MoMA lobby while meeting someone for a cup of coffee there. As has been blogged here before, the inspiration for Market7′s name was Thomas Jefferson’s collaboration on the Declaration of Independence. A little bit of research reveals that the great architectural masterpiece Monticello, pictured here, is another example of Jeffersonian creative collaboration, with a man named Colin Quin serving as contractor (not sure if that was the job title those days), and for that matter the design inspiration coming from Italian renaissance architect Andrea Palladio.

Market7 is dedicated to great creative results from collaborative undertakings, and we are always grateful for opportunities to celebarte our favorite founding father, so prolific, versatile and collaborative a creator himself.

By the way, this is not the first SFMoMA-inspired post on the Market7 blog.

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Agile by Any Other Name…

March 14th, 2009 by Shannon Newton

In the  Creative: Show the path, not the destination at SxSW today, the theme reminded me of a core tenant of our Agile process. Jim Coudal of Coudal Partners and Brendan Dawes, creative director of Mn talked about how in creating content, it is a great idea to build the interaction framework and leave the story development open ended, allowing the audience to tell you where to go next.

They advocated multiple paths to interact with the audience not only to maximize the quantity of input but also to prove how interested you are in their feedback.

” I’m really into people vs machines. … Examples of how people walk across a park compared
to how we plot paths.”    – Brendan Dawes

Although it was content focused, It reinforced my commitment to our agile process. At Market7, we try to make some basic assumptions (create the path) but encourage our users to redefine those paths to affect our development.  Our connection to our users is through multiple connections (GetSatisfaction, Twitter, Blog, email).  Finally, we circle back in those forums to let those same users know when we have encorporated those changes (so that they can see their story unfold!)

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