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Get Everyone In Video Production On Same Page

February 22nd, 2011 by Seth Kenvin

Start your project right; right?

Before Market7 started, I was a frustrated in the customer role of getting video produced. These projects tend to involve people not used to working together, each bringing different areas of insight and ignorance, and needing to bridge the gaps and get productive quickly. The problems are of course most stark when the project starts. We are working with some customers on great ways to launch projects with key information conveyed and materials organized, without confusion, from the start.

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Communication Production Breakdown

June 24th, 2010 by Mark Lasser

Someone and Somebody

When I used to produce and production manage video, I’d hire hundreds of crew members and contract with dozens of vendors.  Eventually I got to the point where I established relationships with certain crew and companies and they became my preferred production team.  After ten years producing, I had a great set of resources to call on for each project.  Unfortunately, there were two crew people who always came on board that I could never get rid of.  They had odd names.  One was called Somebody and the other was Someone.  I never did meet them in person, but they were always around.

Once I looked out onto the set at wrap and saw the security guys were no longer around.  I called over the 2nd Assistant Director who would normally know what was up.  She informed me that Somebody told them they could leave early.  I of course asked who, only to be told again, it was Somebody.

Another day the caterer was short ten meals for us.  I know how many I had authorized on the call sheet so it was a mystery as to why we were short.  Well, apparently Someone told the caterer the wrong head count.

These two trouble makers were responsible for many rumors also.  Someone once told the crew they would be having a short day.  Somebody, on another occasion told the crew we’d be working a 20 hour day.

It sure would have been nice to have web based collaboration tools like Market7 in those olden days of the 90’s.  If we had such tools, the crew, the security guys and the caterer could all see the website for the production and would know that Somebody and Someone were wrong about almost everything said.

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Environment, Healthcare, Video

December 21st, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 and the news

Caught Meet The Press over weekend about healthcare legislation and international climate discussions. Market7 factors into these top-of-news topics.  Work is underway with our first health-oriented customer which publishes a broad library of video for people to be better educated about how to take care of ourselves, looking to video.Market7 for more organization and efficiency in their varying and ambitious production efforts. And overall we are enthusiastic about the environmental implications of helping spread use of video content to connect people and enrich communication without transportation, and for similar reasons about how we enable production teams to be dispersed but cohesive when making video. While we’re not appearing in this news, yet, we are grateful and excited to have beneficial implications for some of these important issues.

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GetSatisfaction Now Integrated Within video.Market7

December 7th, 2009 by Shannon Newton

Feedback tab doubles as voice in product development

We have always used GetSatisfaction as a lifeline for our customers in need of support, and a channel for exchanges about ideas and questions. We use customer recommendations to decide what features and improvements to focus on. The large majority of what we’ve built directly responds to requests users share with us, and already our service integrates dozens of features initiated and enhanced through the feedback provided by GetSatisfaction in particular.

To make that easier, we have embeded the GetSatisfaction tab into our site. Better yet, we now share a single sign-on so customers who want to leave feedback don’t have to log on to their service separately or even have a GetSatisfaction account. You can now do everything right within the security of your Market7 project.

So try it out and let us know what you think (both good and bad) it’s the way we will get better.

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video.Market7 Release from Dec 5 ’09

December 7th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

We’re Under The Hood

Extensive recent interaction with users reveals that value from our service can improve with better performance from our site, largely faster responsiveness on page loads and other user activities. This has been our primary focus the last couple of releases, and will continue to be our emphasis through year end. Like always, we have tons & tons of ideas for new features and entirely new modules, and we can hardly wait to get back to constructing those, but for now we’re prioritizing infrastructural upgrades. Some of the recent enhancements include implementing a new approach to load balancing for consistent service availability and tuning our JavaScript to reduce (/eliminate?) “slow script” warnings especially in Internet Explorer — our engineers will be posting soon to elaborate on the steps we’re taking.

Of course, we do have several neat, new features implemented in this release (click any of the images to enlarge):

Shadow-text in draft mode of scripts to clarify where character-name & spoken dialog go:

Script Shadow Text

Script Shadow Text

Ability to click into & manually overwrite comment placement time in annotative player for precise placement:

Comment Time Overwrite

Comment Time Overwrite

Feedback tab prominently available on every page to interact with us on questions comments etc.:

Feedback Tab

Feedback Tab

That last one is part of a broader initiative of ours for better communication with our users about their use of video.Market7 integrated within the service itself, on which Shannon will expand in upcoming blog posts.

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Ecomomic Model Of Market7 Return-on-Investment Benefits For Our Customers

August 26th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

Bringing Home Our Month Of Stating Value Proposition

Except for a couple of posts celebrating our business with Google as a customer, there’s been a certain theme on the Market7 blog throughout August: emphasizing impact on our customers’ bottom lines. We provide our video.Market7 service to enhance the communication and organization of production, with results including making better video (to drive higher associated revenue) and doing so on-time and on-budget (to contain costs). The prior sentence’s parentheticals are of course the components of the most basic profitability formula.

Last week, Shannon posted four pieces of artwork & high-level text on which he toiled valiantly for vivid and entertaining illustration of how what we provide enhances profitability of efforts at each stage of video production. Those four pieces are now compiled together into a single one-sheet of collateral, avalable as a pdf at the bottom of this post. Week before last, we introduced our newest module, Resource Management, which is is the most directly reflective piece of our service about profitablity, keeping track of each participant’s contributions to a project and how that compares to forecasts and how it drives costs. And at the start of August, we put up an inside look at some work we’ve been doing with our excellent summer coleague Driss Benamour to model how video.Market7 can impact profitability. Here’s how that model’s shaped up [hit play + you probably want to use that full-screen toggle guy towards lower-right of player to be able to read what's on-screen]:

Please contact us, as we’ll be thrilled to spend some time going over this model with you, get your practices reflected in the figures, and assess how much profitability you may be leaking that could be recaptured with better organization and communication through a solution like video.Market7.

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