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Comprehensive Pre-Production to Post-Production Solution

January 21st, 2011 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 Release From Dec 20 ’10

As we complete intensive focus on converting our next-generation V2 Annotative Player, some focus is being re-directed to it’s pre-production counterpart, our Collaborative Script. Our newest release includes:

  • Published scripts lay out by page, for faster loading and more control over exactly what’s presented
  • Dedicated upload window when integrating media into script so that when large files (ex: b-roll) are posted, all functionality of service is available without concern about interrupting upload
  • Troubleshooting when log-in email address isn’t recognized to accelerate user’s access to service
  • Further enhancement of V2 Annotative Player including compact “toolbox” access to comment enhancement features

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User Generated Content Most Often Wrong For Enterprise

February 26th, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

That Old-Timey Video Isn’t Good Enough For You

  • Have sort of had blogger’s-block lately, but a few developments this week catalyzed a torrent of thoughts to express, so to avoid an overly indulgent post, will try to contain this to pithy bullets.
  • Our stupendous PR consultant Brian Baumley (check out his three pages of results for us) has recommended recently that we could have some fun with xtraNormal, which we have done, see video below.
  • Just the other day saw TechCrunch coverage of  a (frankly, kind of dull) video with Twitter exec/founder Ev Williams video from ~10 years ago including some old-timey intro footage, and a few weeks ago TechCrunch covered unearthing of a much, much better video from ~ 5 y.a. of  Tw e/f Biz Stone, also anachronistically stylized.
  • inspired by bullets above, PRESENTING! A Viral Humdinger
  • Hope you found that video witty, but know it also has a message: Flip cameras, iMovie softare and YouTube accounts, and cute & easy tools like xtraNormal, make many think that enterprises don’t need to pay dedicated, high-end production talent and can go the UGC route for content. — Not true.
  • 15 years ago some people started to expect professional organizations might have web sites built by employees in spare time with tools like FrontPage, and probably 15 years before that people expected that all brochures would be similarly done from general employee pool with onset of desktop publishing tools. — These both also have never turned out to be true.
  • Web development, print design and other media endeavors are in fact done by hybrids on behalf of corporations, of large institutions and even of major media publishers — a little bit by crafty employees with off-shelf tools, some by particularly skilled & dedicated internal professionals, and still plenty by major external agencies revving up the big guns.
  • Thus it will be with video and as organizations of all sizes and types use this effective and increasingly available & usable medium throughout operations, expect some to be someone like me playing with xtraNormal, and a lot to be projects with substantial budgets & teams including serious professionals in the craft.
  • xtraNormal is in fact fun and useful to play with and we look forward to availing such functionality in our pre-production software for better collaborative scripting and storyboard development.
  • Back to the top few bullets above, in addition to the Ev & Biz videos, recent TechCrunch stories have also included broad criticism of the PR field including with aid of xtraNormal software. Well, we’re not sure how warranted that is, and at least can point to Brian Baumley as a shining counter-example of exceptional PR professionalism (yet another field in which solid professionalism can be just as vital as ever even in these Web 2.0+ days).
  • You get the sub-title of this blog post? Reference to an old spiritual, very familiar to those of us who read Inherit The Wind in middle school with a generous teacher who screened the (highly professionally produced & staffed) film after we finished.

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video.Market7 Release from Sep 2 ‘09

September 5th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

We’re Faster

After intense focus for a period on development of Resource Management as an entirely new module, we’ve dedicated the last several weeks to fixing bugs, sprucing up a few features, and improving performance throughout video.Market7.  This includes fulfillment of a number of requests that have been made on our Get Satisfaction site, so please keep up the questions and comments there.  We hope users are generally noticing quicker performance, fewer errors and clearer feature usage. Here’s some of what we’ve done lately:

  • Enhancements to layout and presentation of data in new Resource Management module
  • Inclusion of resource management data on the cross-project dashboard
  • Ability for certain accounts to block content downloads — please let us know if you’d like us to turn this on for your account, although some of the work we’re doing right now will make this available with File-by-File granularity very soon
  • Faster and more precise type-ahead suggestions when entering character names in Collaborative Script
  • Streamlined and clearer process for inviting Team members

We are now embarking on a couple of ambitious projects that we expect will radically reinvent two of our existing modules, facilitating much more powerful usage. Stay tuned to these New Release posts to monitor what those are.

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video.Market7 Release from June 24 ‘09

June 30th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

We’ve actually done a few releases since the prior “New Release” blog post, but the new code that became live last week includes especially notable functionality that further enriches commenting on video content by allowing file attachments to the comments. Here’s a demo of that:

One scenario we’ve thought about for this functionality is for our more sophisticated and video-oriented users to use screen-capture software for putting their thoughts together, much like I used screen-capture software for the demo above (some evidence of that at the very start & very end of the demo). These users could do a screen capture of the player itself — move the playhead around, draw on-screen, talk to their actions, and overall richly capture thoughts about the video on which they’re commenting. Then attach the file produced by screen-capture software to comments in the Anotative Player.

Other notable new features we’ve released in recent weeks include:

  • Wider overall screen for entire video.Market7 application, effects of which include presenting video at 640 pixel width, so less compression effects for videos uploaded at that width, or some multiple or factor of that width
  • Auto-complete when typing in character names that already appear in Collaborative Script
  • Can modify name of an invitee from Team module while invitation is pending
  • Free “Production Assistant” accounts can delete files from project (although still limited to 100MB of total uploads)
  • Double arrowheads out & in above comment roll in Annotative Player perform expand-all and collapse-all for all comments and their replies
  • Improved formatting and information in pdf export of comments from Annotative Player
  • Reduced clutter in Annotative Player by collapsing several buttons (ex: Download, Replace) to a single “File Actions” drop-down button
  • If a comment in the Annotative Player applies for a duration of the relevant video, so its time marker indicatesa span from a start to an end, clicking on that span will play the relevant duration (ie just from the start to the end relevant to the comment, not the entire video)

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video.Market7 software release from Jan 28 ‘09

February 3rd, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

The push we did last week put a layer of data richness on each project’s home, enhanced our team management section, and added a major new feature with access control of script versions. All demoed below! (the screen captures are much clearer viewing them full-screen)

  • Enriching Project Home Page:

  • Empowering Role Definitions Of Team Members:

  • Enabling Access Controls To Script:

These posts highlighting new features, with the tag “New Release” come out every few weeks.

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