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On-line Video Is Next In Continuous Progress Of Promotion

October 19th, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

Extending tradition of corporate & organizational outreach

One of my frequent refrains about our business is that organizations now need to consider how to represent themselves with video similarly to how they had to consider their web presences 10-15 years ago. Last week I visited a client that’s a major consumer product provider, that’s been around for nearly a century. The reception area doubles as a company historical museum — while checking it out I was struck that online video, and before that the web, are just next iterations in a constant progression of companies taking advantage of technology to enhance and spread interaction and presence with their customers.

Through the years, and into the future, important initiatives include:

  • Choosing memorable & associative name for company, product, service
    (this one goes back before the 20th century)
  • Establishing notable brand design
    (this was primarily typography until mass printing with designs became economical)
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Brochures & printed collateral
  • Media relations and general PR
  • Radio advertising
  • In-store displays
  • Television advertising
  • Promotional email
  • Banner and other web advertising
  • Social media marketing

Interesting that as more techniques for promoting and communicating come on, the prior ones tend to maintain relevance and often thrive.

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Beautiful Software For Beautiful Production

September 19th, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

Aesthetic Merit Up On Our List With Scalability, Reliability, Performance And So On

A new customer signed up last week. I checked out the guy’s site and was struck by what gorgeous content he’s produced. But that’s of course true of many of our users. I am often consumed by the software nitty-gritty of our software for media production, and sometimes overlook the media that gets produced. It’s a privilege to have a role that facilitates such great work.

It’s also a challenge to build tools for craft. Given our customers’ strong stylistic sensibilities, it’s important that our software aesthetically appeal to them. More so, as they often point out to us, our customers use our software for work with their clients, so it’s important that through us they are effective artistic authorities. There is always much to consider about the next feature, faster service, enhancing reliability, but earning the honor of facilitating beauty merits consistent top priority by us.

Sean Dick’s expressed some interesting, related thoughts in this blog. I’ll try to get our new client’s permission to include some links to his work, and try to update this post accordingly.

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Shot Heard ’round the World

August 3rd, 2008 by Shannon Newton

What is a longshot? No, not my favorite pony bet. It’s a camera framing description. Here I break down all the different types of shots and what they look like and when you would want to use them. I have also provided a cheat sheet so you can impress all of your friends at your upcoming video production parties.

Shot cheat sheet

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I’ve Got My Eyes on You

July 21st, 2008 by Shannon Newton

Often asked question by video clients: “Where should I look?”. This should answer the question…

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Our Users make us who we are.

March 14th, 2008 by Curtis Schofield

Dear Users : It’s easy to forget that we are a community and we will need reminders and help in this process.

We don’t exist in a vacuum. We are all working together – all of us engineers, designers, clients, producers – to facilitate a new expectation of what a pleasant experience is.

For this reason I would like to encourage any of our users to know that we value whatever feedback they can give us and that we are interested and concerned about giving them the best possible experience from the best possible research and design.

Each person that spends time crafting something of particular matter to a user is extending themselves towards the important details of what is really going on between the human and the interface; together we take a step towards an interesting and unknown future. It is a future that we are building together. Learning from each other and striving towards something that ultimately remains ineffable.

I think that is rad.

Happy 3.14 day -> present

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