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More Ways To Share, Even Nicer Player

August 5th, 2011 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 Release From July 26 ’11

Most recent release responds to a lot of suggestions from field to make our service work better:

  • highlight where to click for commenting on a video so that first time users don’t watch video in our player and write feedback by email without realizing they can easily leave contextual comments right within the video
  • simplify presentation of player by reducing the controls that show, specifically having per-comment tools only reveal when moused over particular comment
  • allow a specific comment to be shared proactively calling attention of someone who has to take action on it
  • when sharing Annotative Player page, avail sharing video at current playhead location within video — when combined with including a message in sharing action, this can effect private commenting for eyes of some but not all project team members
  • when sharing any video.Market7 page, be able to add new people to project and then the first time they log onto the project they’ll go directly to the shared page (instead of the project’s home page)

Here’s a demo:

Suggestions from our users are the best way to improve our service, and this release reflects their value, which we greatly appreciate!

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We Can Pause At Comments For Your Focus On Them

June 9th, 2011 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 Release From June 5 ’11

Our new “Pause At Comments” mode for video in the Annotative Player allows users to direct full attention to the entirety of feedback on a video while seeing it in full context of the video’s play. One other aspect of it I’m just realizing I forgot to include in the demo — this new mode of play works with tag filtering too. So if a certain tag (or set of tags) is selected for filtering, with Pause At Comments selected then the video play will pause only on those comments that pass the tag filter selection. OK, here’s how the feature works:

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Comments In Market7 Annotative Player To Subtitles In Avid Media Composer

June 2nd, 2011 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 Release From May 13 ’11

One of our most popular features is the ability to export comments left by reviewers in the Market7 Annotative Player and bring them into the video edit environment. It’s a great fit for us thematically: the Annotative Player liberates reviewers from having to watch a video in one application and then switch to something else like email or even a paper notebad to compile thoughts about that video — play and commenting are integrated by us; and importing comments is similarly freeing for an editor who does not have to switch between our software and an NLE application like Avid Media Composer — can consume feedback from reviewers in same environment as enacting that feedback. We’ve recently figured out a way to make that even more elegant in Avid Media Composer with use of on-screen subtitles (instead of having to double-click comment markers), demoed here (and we also have a similar capability in Apple Final Cut Pro).

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Or-a-bunch-of-tags or And-a-bunch-of-tags

March 12th, 2011 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 Release from Mar 9 ’11

A release or two ago we promoted the new Annotative Player, previously available only by entering a special web address. This player is a comprehensive upgrade of  functionality with faster load, smoother operation, multi-device (including iPad & iPhone) access, higher resolution video, immediate content download, and enhanced user interface. A few new features have made it in as well. This demo clip highlights compound filtering to avail more sophisticated application of tags on comments driving precise edit instructions and more control over communications about content.

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Comprehensive Pre-Production to Post-Production Solution

January 21st, 2011 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 Release From Dec 20 ’10

As we complete intensive focus on converting our next-generation V2 Annotative Player, some focus is being re-directed to it’s pre-production counterpart, our Collaborative Script. Our newest release includes:

  • Published scripts lay out by page, for faster loading and more control over exactly what’s presented
  • Dedicated upload window when integrating media into script so that when large files (ex: b-roll) are posted, all functionality of service is available without concern about interrupting upload
  • Troubleshooting when log-in email address isn’t recognized to accelerate user’s access to service
  • Further enhancement of V2 Annotative Player including compact “toolbox” access to comment enhancement features

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Preview New video.Market7 Annotative Player

December 25th, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

Market7 Release From Dec 20 ’10

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Debut Demonstration of Annotative Player on iPad

December 20th, 2010 by Shannon Newton

Full Mobile Access To Our Complete Service At Philz Coffee, Or Anywhere

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Market7 Goes Mobile With Latest Upgrade

December 20th, 2010 by Brian Baumley


Annotative Player module for content review integrates HTML5 and Flash technologies for full video.Market7 service availability across devices.

SAN FRANCISCO December 20, 2010 – Market7, Inc., a provider of web-based software for collaboration in the development and management of creative content, today announces full mobile support for its video.Market7 service. By bringing together HTML5 and Adobe Flash® technologies, mobile devices including Apple iPads®, Apple iPhones® and those based on Google Android™ now have full access to the flagship Market7 product. This is especially important in media production as real-time communication and coordination among teams that are frequently on-the-move becomes a necessity. Support for mobile is among several user-experience upgrades being made to Market7’s popular Annotative Player module for team review of and communication about media content.

“Market7 is fulfilling customer demands about uploading and accessing any format of video, from any location and on any device, consistent with the increasingly mobile and multi-platform ways we all use internet services,” says Market7 CEO Seth Kenvin. “Media professionals and their production processes are especially dynamic, and more mobile support along with other advances of our Annotative Player further strengthens Market7’s solution for making better video content more efficiently through enhanced collaboration.”

Key functionality being added to the Annotative Player module, which integrates video play with interactive messaging, includes:

  • Multi-device playback. Video format is intelligently determined based on device capabilities in terms of whether to stream HTML5 or Flash;
  • Better video quality. All content, including uploads since earliest use of the video.Market7 service, play at higher resolution;
  • Dynamic streaming. Immediate play of any portion of a video availed regardless of stage of download;
  • Full-feature scaling. Users can play content at virtually full-screen dimensions while still taking advantage of messaging and interactive features;
  • Improved look and feel. The player interface has been re-designed for better form and function in both mobile and computer-based usages; and
  • Faster access. Enhanced digital video transcoding practices enable most H.264 videos to be accessed by HTML5 or Flash immediately upon completion of upload.

Enhancements are currently available by adding “/v2” at end of the URL for any video file being shown in the Annotative Player, and they will soon become default features.

“As video.Market7 continues evolving and becoming more globally deployed, we are maintaining tight engagement with our customers, responding to their needs,” says Kenvin. “Closing a successful 2010, we look forward to additional enhancements to the Annotative Player and other aspects of video.Market7 that continue improving media production by our growing customer base among major media players and Fortune 500 companies.”

About Market7, Inc.
Market7 addresses needs of corporations and other organizations as they expand use of video for content commercialization, marketing, recruiting, support, training and other purposes, but often find the production processes to be confusing, inefficient and expensive. The company’s online environments are for all of the collaboration between video producers, their clients and any other parties involved in the process. This includes features for overall project management, conceptualization, script development and footage review. These aspects of video.Market7 web services have been used by dozens of organizations for hundreds of production projects. More information is available at

# # #

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Market7 Behind the Scenes (Starting the Week Off…)

February 2nd, 2010 by Shannon Newton

…by kicking off our Monday morning with some antics.

Every Monday, we have a Market7 ritual.  We all gather either in person or over the phone, sometimes throw down a tune or two to set the mood, talk about the upcoming week, review the current development state of our software and almost always engage in some good-natured teasing of one another.

Here’s a little taste of a typical Monday morning.

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video.Market7 release from Jan 27 ’10

February 1st, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

Dynamic streaming improves quality of video, and quality of play experience, and more

As our base diversifies, including expanding use on bigger budget production projects that tend to involve longer footage, customers increasingly request that our player functionality be immediately and comprehensively available for any portion of small or large video files. Our initial player functionality has been based on progressive download, meaning that once a video is requested, it loads in timeline order, and later portions of the video aren’t immediately available until the download catches up. As part of our assessment, and after experiments with a few commercial streaming servers, we determined the best approach for us is to engineer and implement our own approach to dynamic streaming, which we’ve spent the past month or so developing, along with a few other cool annotative player features, demonstrated here:

To assure good customer experiences, and even though we’ve already extensively tested, we haven’t yet turned on the new dynamic streaming for everyone, and we’re asking for volunteers. If you would like us to turn on dynamic streaming for (a) particular project(s) of yours, please email or letting us know which project(s) and we’ll do so. Once we confirm that video play and annotative interactivity works robustly across projects, video files and users, we’ll turn on dynamic streaming everywhere, which should occur during February 2010.

Dynamic streaming, like its name indicates, allows users to click anywhere within timeline of a video immediately upon load, and play of video from that requested point is immediately responsive. Also, in implementing the architecture we have also allowed for Flash (.flv) and H.264 (ex: .mp4, .m4v) videos to be in-the-clear in our player so they do not get transcoded, meaning that they are immediately available for play upon upload, and that they are played at full quality of the source content with no modification. Videos of other formats do still have to be transcoded to Flash for our player, although from the File Actions button in our player, the original states of those videos can be downloaded with full fidelity for file-transfer purposes including to see un-modified in a compatible player. One more change we made to our player is allowing j-k-l keyboard shortcut navigation back-play/pause-forward, and the same for left and right directional arrows and space-bar, with additional benefit of visual fast-forward and rewind by holding down the appropriate keys.

The player enhancements are demonstrated in the screen-capture video towards the top of this blog post. Other enhancements with this release include:

  • Continuing last couple of months’ theme, we’ve made still more speed improvements, especially this time for loads of project home pages
  • Improved layout and presentation on printouts of pages from Script, Task and Event modules
  • Easier flow for inviting new members to projects
  • Activity feed reflects the first time a new member logs into a project

And again, please do email to or letting us know projects of yours you’d like us to move to dynamic streaming immediately so that you can try it out (and please let us know how it works for you).

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