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2010 Starts Next Mile Of This Marathon

December 31st, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

Pace Well, Gain Ground

The CEO of my last company told me that despite the common claim, building a start-up’s not so much like running a marathon as it’s like running a short sprint and realizing that crossing the finish marks start of the next sprint. It’s very clever and I was compelled, but now that Market7 nears two-and-a-half years old, I’m back to embracing the established marathon metaphor.

It’s news to few that the 2009 business environment has been challenging. Market7 finishes the year stronger than it started, with additional, expanded, more integrated, faster & more reliable functionality across all of our modules; a larger customer base; entry into some new market spaces; and even a growing team with multiple valuable contractors who’ve joined our core team during the year. We’ve gotten a lot done and have done so, moving challenge-to-challenge, by distributing steady efforts among multiple initiatives and progressing incrementally in each. Our record of 2009 accomplishment, like the fact that you’re now reading our one-hundredth blog post of the year, would surely have been more volatile if we were constantly re-directing all resources and efforts towards whatever single opportunity promised most at any moment.

The photo above is me running, and under-pronating, in the year that will become 14-ago starting at midnight. It’s from the one literal marathon that I’ve run. Recalling that experience, the metaphor is very apt for building a start-up. Market7 goes into 2010 confident we’re pacing ourselves well and ready to gain some serious ground, and we look forward to sharing such a year with our community. HNY!

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Market7 Named To Fierce Online Video’s “Fierce 15″

December 16th, 2009 by Brian Baumley

We are in phenomenal company, among companies in our market we most admire

As 2009 winds down and “best of” lists are compiled for just about everything, we’re thrilled to see Market7 added to a highly-respected compilation of companies that are thriving in the online video field.

The annual list, which this year was pared down from over a few dozen nominations, recognizes the movers and shakers in the online video space. It also, in the words of editor Jim O’Neill, highlights those companies that “revolve around such cool technology” and “are driving online video forward by providing structure to build on or the muscle to move it.”

Head on over to Fierce Online Video to read the Market7 write-up and keep checking back as Market7′s industry value prop is further explored by Fierce in the new year.

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Social Media Impact On Marketing And Sales

October 29th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

A Tale Of How We Do Business In 2009

It started a few weeks ago when we noticed our customer @switchmarketing recommending our service to @lilipip. @lilipip is the identity of Ksenia Oustiougova on twitter. She is the founder of a company called Lilipip that does gorgeous explanatory animations.

We tried a little bit to @reply and otherwise get some attention from @lilipip, and then last week we saw more twittering about her trying us out like this one, and this one. It was a rather public and pithy review of us including what she’s liked about our accomplishments and what she hopes to see from us going forward. A little more @replying by us, and soon a couple direct messages, and we were invited to converse by skype.

We pretty soon tried to voice-call by skype, but, in perhaps the story’s most dramatic turn, got an immediate text chat reply athat Ksenia was not talking due to suffering from a sore throat. But she very generously engaged in a 15 minute chat session about her experience with and reflections about us. With dozens of ideas laid out in our communications over various media, many about her specific needs and interests as an animator (as opposed to video producer), we now felt compelled to share a compilation of our reactions and intentions, in more lengthy & consolidated form than twitter or skype best support, so it was time for a new medium.

We sent an email of about 10 paragraphs laying out exactly what our service has now related to the preferences expressed and what our roadmap is for those towards which we are still building. Several elements were really just now arising through this particular interaction and its good ideas being raised for which we are grateful. And yesterday we received a reply back from Ksenia with her point-by-point reflection on what was raised in our email including some more new, good ideas. The email exchange also included our appreciation of the video with her entrepreneurial story on the lilipip site and its equivalent in a podcast of our founding and philosophy we did last week.

twitter, skype, email, podcast — a rich array of new (in most cases very new) communication methods, each used distinctively for an overall open and productive communication not only towards forming a new customer relationship but also towards authenticating and accelerating our progress by continuing to evolve our services based on direct, insightful feedback from our marketplace. We hope Ksenia’s throat is recovered.

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