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Market7/4/1776 (source of our name) {2nd} ~3rd~ [repeat of annual blog post]

July 4th, 2011 by Seth Kenvin

[This post is from a {now, 2~3~} year~{s}~ ago, today. Feels like a good annual tradition. A few updates in brackets sprinkled throughout] {further updated for 2010 with these fancy curly brackets} ~having exhausted types of parentheses, 2011 is the year of the tilde~

Happy Independence Day. It’s also now the month of our company’s birthday. Operations started on July 30 of last year [now nearly 2 {3} ~4~ years ago], so Market7 traces back to 7/07. And today’s holiday during this seventh month of the year is closely connected to our name. The essence of Market7 is to enhance collaboration on creative projects by diverse working groups. It turns out that American independence provides an elegant metaphor.

To draft the Declaration of Independence, the Second Continental Congress designated a “committee of five” selected for geographic diversity including Virginia’s Thomas Jefferson, John Adams of Massachusetts, and Pennsylvanian Benjamin Franklin~Trivia question time! The other states were New York & Connecticut. For those who haven’t yet clicked this paragraph’s link: who were the people? Answer at bottom of post~. Feedback from Adams and Franklin on Jefferson’s drafting was incorporated into the final document. {effective negotiations — current congress should perhaps check it out!} A process similar to how we incorporate feedback at the various stages of video production such as conceptualization, scripting and footage review.

A diverse committee under tight time pressure collaborating on a notable creative endeavor. Nice parallel. But why “Market7″? The intersection of those two streets in Philadelphia is where Jefferson boarded and probably did most of his drafting work. There are some additional cute connections of the name to what our company does and plans to do, and some of the motivation is incorporated in our logo as well, which I’m sure will be touched on in future blog posts, so please come back! [we still haven't really done that but good reminder that alternative connections to our name + inspiration for our logo can motivate a blog post some future rainy day] {done!}

A last note, on the above painting by Gerome Ferris. It’s the exact story behind our name, including the crumpled up drafts on the floor before the founding fathers. I happened upon a jigsaw puzzle of this painting during a family excursion last year [again, now more like 2 {3} ~4~ yrs ago], and the partially constructed puzzle has occupied a spare table in our office ever since.

[Puzzle's now completed & displayed in our office, check it:


{completed puzzle is now binder-clipped to the wall — maybe next year it will be framed} ~we’ve done lots of things past 12 months, but framing the puzzle’s not one, hopefully that’s another photo, with explanation within some other pair of symbols or punctuation marks, on seven-four-twelve. Answer to trivia question: NY’s Robert Livingston & Roger Sherman of CT, if you got even one of those you should treat yourself to an additional rw&b frosted cupcake~

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