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Wareprise Reviews Market7 For Use In The Enterprise

March 7th, 2011 by Brian Baumley

Streamlining Video Productions For Marketing, Training, Orientation And More

We’ve been writing a lot here about how the increased need for professionally-produced video is driving organizations of all types and sizes to look for better ways to create video. Over at Wareprise, which specializes in reviews of software being used in the enterprise, Weng Yee has just posted his thoughts on just how challenging it is to produce video and how using Market7 can help overcome many of those challenges.

Weng quickly saw the difference between a solution purpose built for video production and the good, but very general, project management software that is also available to organizations that want to get a better handle on collaboration. He walks through many of the tools and discusses applicability to real world settings. The result is a great review that discusses Market7′s value for the enterprise.

Check out the article here.

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