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Market7 release from Jun 10 ’10

June 16th, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

Print script, dynamically stream, remove members

Lots of infrastructure work lately, pace of feature releasing will pick up towards full pace over summer. Most recent release includes:

  • improved script printing
  • enhanced robustness of dynamic stream delivery which provides video from current playhead location instead of only doing it from start to finish of video, so that if someone wants to skip ahead, no need to wait while download catches up (more on this functionality here) This is still not turned on across the application, but can be for certain accounts (previously it was just for certain projects) — please advise if you want dynamic stream delivery for all projects within an account, or for particular projects, by emailing to
  • in response to a customer’s request, there’s now 1-step ability to remove certain members across multiple projects (including option to notify people of their removal by email) within a Market7 account, which the account holder can access from the My_Account link towards the upper right

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