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3D Is The Future Of Video

January 6th, 2010 by Seth Kenvin

But is widespread 3D video as soon as Avatar & CES gadget launches indicate?

The momentum:

What can stop this? Nothing. We will all watch everything in 3D — live & recorded; fiction & real-life action; professional content & user-generated; and on every screen whether it’s on a wall, in a pocket or connected to a keyboard & even by a variety of ubiquitous projectors that will turn any surface into a 3D display.

Great, with the head of steam we’ve got that should be soon, right? No. I have no idea when it will happen, but I can assure  that we’ve got multiple years to go, maybe even decades, before our video being in 3D becomes more rule than exception.

Consider the following similar scenarios I recall from eight years working in the cable industry:

When will mass adoption of 3D finally extend to all video, consumed anywhere, at any time, on any device? Don’t know, but I expect no sooner than:

  • The price ranges of 3D display devices recedes, with a low end starting in the hundreds of dollars
  • The 46% of US households with HDTV sets need some time before those move from the living room to the bedroom in order to make prime in-home real estate available for 3D to arrive
  • No glasses required

What else will have to happen?

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One Response to “3D Is The Future Of Video”

  1. Dave Toole says:

    You hit it on the nail Seth. Having just come back from CES and watching Avatar over the weekend, there will be plenty of opportunities, but it will as always take longer to develop than the hype suggests. Cheers.

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