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video.Market7 software release from Mar 4 ‘09

March 11th, 2009 by Seth Kenvin

As promised in the last “New Release” blog post, this one includes some slick screen capture demos. The work we’ve been doing recently with modules like Event Management and Task Management increasingly positions video.Market7 as an excellent service for project management period, besides the fact that we bring specific value to video production as a type of project with some of our more industry-specific modules.

Here are enhancements we’ve made recently for Events:

And what we’ve been up to on Tasks:

Additionally, we’ve made some improvements to the project home page (including project due data as a new data field), and to the flow of people being invited to and joining projects. As always, a blog post of this type is tagged “New Releases” so they can be conveniently perused.

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2 Responses to “video.Market7 software release from Mar 4 ‘09”

  1. Curtis Schofield says:


  2. Seth Kenvin says:

    Grateful for the praise, especially considering the source. Come back in a month & check out something I consider pretty cool we’re endeavoring to do with data pulled from the tasks & events modules. Thanks Curtis!

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