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October 23rd, 2008 by Seth Kenvin

Below are firms and individuals who have immensely helped Market7 get to where it is. While we have a long way yet to go, with these partners we have reached revenue-generation stage including encouraging market receptiveness that validates our direction. Others’ diligence and guidance from which Market7 benefits raises our game, and I hope this post provides some much deserved (and particularly vital in these times we’re living) karmic payback.

Pivotal Labs: The catalyst that started our engineering work and trained us on practices like pair programming and agile development that continue to key our operations to this day when our development is entirely internally staffed, although still regularly benefiting from continuing frequent interaction with this fantastic assembly of Ruby on Rails talent.

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe: While many pay lip service to the notion, this is in fact a major law firm attentive to its clients at each corporate life cycle stage with full services spanning capital raising, patents, personnel and more, including complimentary educational programs some of which are phenomenal for start-ups.

Algentis: There are bigger and more broadly known options for payroll processing, benefits administration and other HR services, and that’s kind of the point as these guys have a full slate of offerings, with particularly good economics for a company of our scale, and we get the attention of their principals

Milan Interactive: The insightful & creative Arshad Samplewala and his colleagues are responsible for the the site you are looking at right now, as well as our logo, presentation template and design elements of our service.

Mariposa Search: Few things provide more comfort than the fact that Alison Raby and her associates are the ambassadors representing Market7 to the robust set of potential colleagues they effectively stir up, help us assess, and ultimately gracefully land (there would be a lot less grace in that without Alison).

Pixel Corps: Alex Lindsay’s legendary video guild produces some very prominent shows and we’re thrilled that our own bi-monthly series will soon join the roster, all the more so given endorsement of our software hard-earned through rigorous usage with prominent Pixel Corps clients (names you’d surely recognize).

Amazon Web Services: Our start-up generation can leverage;s expertise in running lots of servers, now extended to clients like us — it’s been economical, reliable save for one not-terrible incident during almost a year of use, and a relief of planning requirements since resource use adjusts to real-time demand.

Busse Design: From the outset, there was a distinctive set of requirements for the design of video.Market7 and its need to blend great elements of creative software and rigorous business applications — this enterprising crew waded deeply in the eclecticism to understand all of our needs and synthesize for consistently great user experiences.

MirRoR Placement: We get a lot of great resumes from a lot of capable technical recruiters, but somehow, practically every time we hire an engineer, it’s through Ruby on Rails specialist Brian Mariani bringing us a candidate with whom he distinctively clicked, and insightfully and persuasively mapped towards us as a good fit.

BookSoEasy: Akemi Iizuka has taught me QuickBooks and very efficiently and effectively helps assess how we’re using funds every quarter, oh and now also how we’re selling.

Get Satisfaction: A peer start-up to us in a few ways including concept of collaboration through software for a field that needs it — in our case video production and in theirs customer service through open, online interaction forums that we have integrated within our application, and which have spurred and validated our best ideas with direct user interaction.

BofA: A big bank, getting bigger, that avails attentive and dedicated resources to Market7, a currently small account, also to get bigger.

Core Objects: A highly versatile engineering firm that jump-started our Flash work.

Pacific Union Commercial Brokerage: Peggy Burke helped economically land our gorgeous and convenient office, and keeps us appraised of the downtown SF real estate situation.

Odesk: We don’t want to get into exactly what we’re doing together, but we can report that the company’s innovative system to specify and execute outsourced projects works beautifully.

Renaissance Rampages: Josh Hayes shows up with camera and gear to make our more ambitious video production efforts happen, and he’s the source of Market7′s introduction to our director of creative development Shannon Newton (who is talent source of the partner logo collage that decorates this post).

Robert Houston: A more colorful guy than most in tax preparation, who calls on extensive knowledge to clearly lay out what should be expected and done in near & long terms, and then efficiently follows up with the exactly promised, easily fulfilled deliverables.

44 Montgomery: Elevator comes right up from public transit stations, building security won’t let a grandmother through without interrogation, and concierge lines up blood drives and occasional free espresso bars — it’s a great place to work.

&Action! Productions, Next Gear, West Road Media: Ericka OBenar, Jason Coursey and Bob Tracy are excellent video production professionals and invaluable consultants dating back to the beginning of Market7, on how to provide the best software to support their profession.

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