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Approaching The Elephant

January 27th, 2008 by Curtis Schofield

In any exploration there needs to be focus and attention on the right details. We speak of the bigger picture, but very often the bigger picture is obfuscated by our own tendency to identify. The challenge that comes out of identity is using it as the right tool in the right context.

Through-out the software development process, identity shifts both on an individual basis and on the basis of perspective. In order to approach the Elephant our practice of learning and exploring as professionals must move back towards understanding the bigger picture.

Appreciating the bigger picture in the agile process is about respecting how much massive potential exists in the world and how limited our resources are.

It is about creating and publishing humanistic software.

It is about simplification and refinement of our own understanding. Understanding the external and internal models that limit our operation in both the world of software and the world at large.

Most Importantly, it is about transforming the conceptual into the concrete. Just as people cannot eat the sound of toast, our users cannot interact with ideas, they need widgets and buttons and text_fieldsĀ  (oh my!)

At Market7 we are approaching the collaboration elephant, come join us.

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